Mack, Matt Cohen, And Stewart P. Miller Talk All Things ’90s On This Week’s Podcast

January 9, 2022 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Say hello to the ghost of Bunny Ears past, because the one and only Matt Cohen returns to the Bunny Ears podcast this week to talk to Mack and Stewart P. Miller about all things ’90s! The guys congregate at Mack’s brand new house (specifically, his backyard) to dive into a category game of “favorite things.”

They get into their favorite ’90s news events (Lorena Bobbitt, O.J. Simpson, and Fabio getting hit in the face by a goose all make an appearance); their favorite ’90s commercials, and even their favorite ’90s discoveries. Spoiler alert: Mack’s “discoveries” are purely sex-related, because his mind is in the gutter.

The game also takes us down memory lane to things like Dolly the sheep, Salem the Cat, and Mack’s middle school crush (who starred as Annie on Broadway and was apparently in a Blow Pop commercial).

The episode is so flippin’ chocked full of goodness that it’s been divided into two hour-long halves. So enjoy Part 1 of Matt, Mack, and Stew—and let us know your ’90s favorites in the comments below!

You can follow Macaulay Culkin on Twitter here and the Bunny Ears podcast here (and if you want to see even more of Mack, check him out on YouTube here!). Meanwhile, you can find Matt on social media here, and see Stew’s adventuring on Instagram @suaveadventurer.

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