Bunny Ears Reviews Four Incredible Lifestyle Products

November 22, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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We know you’re a discerning consumer with impeccable taste. Because you want and deserve the best, we’ve hand-selected a few popular products and given them rigorous reviews to ensure they’re worth your time and money. We’re tough critics, but we think you’ll also find us fair.

Travel Acupuncture Kit

We all know that acupuncture soothes the body and centers the soul, but what if you’re too busy to make an appointment with an expensive professional? This travel kit by elite Danish designers solves that dilemma by letting you puncture on the go—on the bus, at the office, out for dinner, wherever! We can’t compliment the sleek design enough. The needles are so smooth that you barely feel them, even if you insert one just as your bus hits a big bump! They’re also made of sterling silver, which we’re told is extra purgative. The kit includes 50 travel-size needles, a sleek calfskin carrying case, disinfectant, and emergency Band-Aids. At just under 900 dollars, that’s a steal we’d be irresponsible not to recommend!

Bank & Oaffensen, 899 dollars.

Artisan Almonds

Almonds are a healthy snack, but are they really giving you all that they can? Fresh and Free Farms doesn’t think so, which is why they’ve been handcrafting almonds to ensure that you can power through your afternoon meetings with confidence!

The first step in their elegant process is to harvest the almonds from an organic, free range, fair trade, cruelty-free almond farm run by proud, third-generation American almond farmers, after which each almond is carefully inspected by former jewelers. Lumps are shaved off, dents are filled in with almond paste, and blemishes are recolored until each almond is a perfect blend of nutrition and aesthetics. The almonds are then lightly—lightly—salted with salt derived from the Dead Sea, both for a dash of flavor and to capture the sensation of flotation. Each salt crystal is applied by hand to ensure balanced salt distribution and ability to catch the light in a pleasing manner.

We have to admit, we were skeptical, but after a single bite, it really did feel like we were floating on an ocean of almond bliss. A mere handful of Artisan Almonds imbued us with enough energy to carry us through our day, so we consider these an essential part of any modern diet!

Fresh and Free Farms, 5.99/almond.

The Tea Shirt


A t-shirt’s a t-shirt, right? Wrong. The latest from fashion mogul Cryst@l may look like a plain white tee, but its cotton has been infused with tea leaves to provide constant aromatherapy. With options ranging from soothing jasmine to an invigorating English breakfast, you’ll be in the right mood for any occasion. Trust us; we wore these shirts for over three hours, and we literally never felt better!

The process starts with tea harvested by artisans on the slopes of Nepal and ends with thread hand-stitched by Italian t-shirt masters, or maestro di maglias, using delicate rose gold needles that have been blessed by local convents. The effect is astounding; the shirt simply breathes in a way a shirt off the rack at your local retailer won’t. Wearing the tea shirt makes you feel freer, happier, and more productive, and you’ll smell like a cozy afternoon. How can we say no?

Cryst@l, 1200 dollars/shirt, 1399/tank top.

The Meditation Sphere

When you meditate, do you focus on calm, quiet reflection, or do you let your mind wander? Be honest! We get distracted too, but don’t worry—there’s a solution! The Meditation Sphere gives you something to focus your eyes and ears on while you attempt to reach enlightenment. The Sphere emits a soft, almost sensual hum while faintly glowing and slowly rotating. It’s absolutely mesmerizing, and there’s no denying that it kept us focused while we cleared our minds!

While all Spheres come with a subtle frosted glass finish, the emitted color and direction of rotation can be made to order. Better yet, at the center of each Sphere sits a single diamond mined from the depths of the Antarctic wastes. These ancient stones had never seen the light of day until grizzled explorers plucked them from the depths of the Earth solely so a team of elite sphere-crafters could place them at a precise 63.7-degree angle that is 1 1/3 millimeters from the Sphere’s center, a position they spent eight years calculating for maximum spiritual energy output. While you can’t see the diamond, you can rest assured that it’s doing its work to cleanse your soul. Trust us; once you’ve meditated in the presence of the Sphere, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

­Ashford-Tessander, $22,000 plus S&H for a Sphere that rotates clockwise.

$23,999 plus S&H for a Sphere that rotates counterclockwise.

Images: Pixabay, Pixabay, Pixabay

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