Pro Wrestlers Ranked By Their Dad Bods

May 15, 2022 by

We love that the WWE has a little something for everyone. While their stable of talent has its fair share of ripped, muscle-bound dudes, there’s also plenty of good ol' fashioned “dad bods.” Just regular-looking guys! And without further ado, here are the best-ever WWE wrestlers with dad bods, ranked on a scale from 1 (least dad bod bod) to 9 (most dad bod bod).

1 / 8
Chris Jericho - 4: Chris Jericho looks like he'd be a fun dad. Like "construct an elaborate haunted house in the garage for trick-or-treaters on Halloween" kind of fun dad!
2 / 8
Pedro Morales - 2. Here’s a guy who can pin you down in the ring, and while he’s waiting for the count, give you some invaluable belly button concealment tips.
3 / 8
Dusty Rhodes - 5: Dusty Rhodes has the dad bod of a dad who has a favorite recliner where he watches "Mama's Family" reruns. And he's not sleeping, he's just "resting his eyes."
4 / 8
Ric Flair - 6: This is the body of a man who has several Eagles cassettes in his glove compartment (and your mom thinks his "platinum" hair makes him look "distinguished").
5 / 8
Andre the Giant - 1: Dads are big boys, and dads like beer. Which kind of makes Andre the Giant the ultimate dad, no?
6 / 8
Gorilla Monsoon - 6: This dad bod says, “I take care of business.” He’ll let the cashier at Denny’s know that he’s been overcharged.
7 / 8
Randy Savage - 8: Take a guy, feed him nothing but Slim Jims, dress him up like dad-rock icon Sammy Hagar, and you’re done.
8 / 8
Arn Anderson - 9: Wait, is Arn Anderson your actual dad? We swear we just heard him yell from a minivan, “You kids have fun! I’ll pick you up right here after the movie!”

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