The Best Homemade Condom Options

June 13, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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The DIY movement has truly brought power back to the people. From homemade sunscreens to upcycled everything—there’s a hack for making almost any store-bought item at home these days. And in the spirit of eco-friendly innovation, here are the best homemade condom options. Share them on Pinterest and help us spread the inspiration.

Knit A Sweater For Your Little Buddy

Condoms are like coats for penises, and your penis deserves the absolute best. Not only is this homemade condom more environmentally friendly (you can wash them by hand!), but it’s also a great way to learn a new craft if you don’t already knit. Just remember to give it a good wash before first use so that the fibers don’t shed into the vagina during sex.

Banana Peels

There’s a good reason grade school teachers use bananas to demonstrate how one should properly put a condom on a penis—because bananas are good for dicks. Banana peels are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals (we think) and make for a fantastic biodegradable option. And bonus: You can even mush the actual banana and use it as organic lube.

Sandwich Bags

Now you can get even more use out of your biodegradable sandwich baggies! What’s great about vacuum packing your penis in plastic is that you have full control over the tightness of your DIY condom. Please see the step-by-step image tutorial on our Imgur page.


Balloon boning is making a huge comeback, and rightly so. Usually, at the end of a party or special occasion, any and all balloons will be promptly thrown away—and end up right in a landfill. However, each and every one of those balloons can be untied and repurposed for sex. And should be.

Double Hamming

We honestly don’t think we need to explain anything here. Wrapping your penis in layers of bacon should be self-explanatory. A good layer of fat will also act as natural lubricant and, in the spirit of “waste not, want not,” you can cook a protein-rich breakfast after.

DISCLAIMER: We do not take responsibility for any health-related issues stemming from the above tips. But again, please still share them on Pinterest, of course!

Image: Pexels/ Walmart

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