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January 25, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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We all want to look our best, but it’s tough to know how. High-end beauty products cost a fortune, and there’s only so much sleep you can get in a night. Thankfully, we’ve got a secret the wellness and cosmetic companies don’t want you to know. Something that will have you glowing, smiling, and feeling great all at once: Creaming your pants 24/7! That’s right. Whether you’re grinding up against someone, or just rubbing one out, constantly coming is cost effective, all-natural, and feels great.

Take That O-Face From The Bedroom To The Boardroom

Have you ever looked at your partner directly after their moment of sweet release? Well why save that gorgeous glow for the bedroom, when you could have it in the boardroom, ballroom, and even bathroom? So next time you head out of the house, start coming, and don’t stop. 

Remember: Orgasms Are Organic

Cosmetic products are full of harmful chemicals, and nutritional supplements often don’t work as advertised. So instead of using overpriced products, try something non-toxic. That’s right, this method isn’t just orgasmic, it’s organic. There’s no harmful toxins here. Just a love load in your pants to make you look and feel your best.

Yes, We Admit It Can Get Tiring

Every beauty trend has its downsides, and this one is no different. While the results speak for themselves, we admit it can be a bit tough to keep up. Most people nut for, what, 30 seconds at a time? Upping that number to eight or nine hours a day can be exhausting. Chances are you won’t be able to hold a conversation or really walk more than a few steps without falling over in convulsing waves of pleasure. Totally natural and normal, but be warned.

Rub It In Their Faces

Remember, the more intense the orgasm, the more your body produces natural endorphins. Endorphins that will rosy up those cheeks and dampen you with the dew of a deflowered debutant. So, if you’re going for it, really go all the way. Sure, your coworkers might be wondering why you’re screaming, “Jesus fucking Christ!” for hours on end. But after a a day or two, they’ll just accept that you’re having some sort of religious breakdown and move on. So the next time you’re feeling a little long in the tooth, try knocking one (or many) out. Everyone will notice. Trust us. 

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