Fetish Of The Month: Quantum Leaping  

October 6, 2022 by , featured in Fetish Of The Month
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There’s no need to panic if you and your partner aren’t connecting sexually anymore, because there’s always a way to spice things up. And nothing is spicier than a boyishly handsome physicist quantum leaping inside your lover’s body!

New Positions. New Kinks. Filth from Head to Toe

There’s nothing Dr. Sam Beckett won’t do in the bedroom—all in the name of keeping his cover, putting things right, and hoping his next leap will be the leap home.

Whether you’re the wife of a hot shot pilot, the mother of a differently-abled son, a doctor working with chimpanzees, or Lee Harvey Oswald, chances are your sex like could use a shot of adrenaline. Fortunately, Dr. Beckett has seen it all.

His sex life spans decades, genders, and the basic notions of right and wrong. If the artificial intelligence known as Ziggy tells him to do it, it doesn’t matter how degrading or dirty it is. He’s on it.

Additionally, if being watched is your kink, you’re in luck. You may not see him, but there’s a perverted hologram that only Sam can see and hear, peeping on your fornication at all hours of the day and night. 

Threesomes more your speed? There’s an evil leaper out there who’s always down to clown. Following the orders of Lothos, Ziggy’s malevolent counterpart, this time-traveling libertine is sure to do the gross stuff even Sam sneers at. 

Getting Your Partner to Quantum Leap Can Make Every Time Feel Like Your First

So if things are a little stale in the bedroom, oh boy, have we got the trick for you. Just try messing up your life to the point that only a time traveler from the futuristic year of 1999 can fix it. Then hope against hope that Sam’s next leap will be the leap that leads you to bone.

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