Travel The World By Recapturing Those 13 Evil Ghosts You Released

January 7, 2022 by , featured in Travel Guides
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Everyone wants to travel the world before college, but did you know that some people can’t afford it? That’s why we want to share with you the life-changing magic that comes with the burden of releasing 13 evil ghosts into the world.

If you can locate and open the terrifying Chest of Demons, thus unleashing 13 very powerful and ultimately evil ghosts into the world, the chest’s original owner, Vincent Van Ghoul, will have to bank roll your trip to capture them all! And who’s to say you can’t take in a few of the sights while you ghost hunt?

Mr. Van Ghoul won’t just pay for you to hunt the 13 evil ghosts, either. Bring your friends! Hell, bring your dog. Bring a little kid named Flim Flam that you just met. Bring your dog’s younger cousin. You’re not footing the bill, so who cares?

Don’t Ask Questions

Don’t ask where Vincent Van Ghoul is getting all this money for travel expenses. You don’t want to know. I’m begging you, do not ask why, if Vincent Van Ghoul is so powerful and so concerned with the capture of these 13 evil ghosts, he doesn’t just go and get them himself. (If you must know, it’s because of the horrifying curse placed upon the chest.)

Throw curiosity out the window, and simply enjoy your free vacation to the beautiful Himalayan mountains, where you will release the 13 ghosts. From there, Vincent will fly you to abandoned castles, haunted boats, deserted manors, and the most possessed circuses you’ve ever seen.

You’ll enjoy the view from the decaying balcony of your manor room as a ghost attempts to drive you insane. Sip wine on the deck of the U.S.S. Obviously Haunted while your friends are tied up below deck. Put on a real live antique suit of armor and use it to battle a shadow demon! These are just a few magical experiences people have had using this life-changing travel hack that we are giving to you for free! Well, it’s free for us. It’s certainly not for Vincent Van Ghoul.

What Are You Waiting For?

Trust us, you’ll be so busy relaxing and having fun with your friends that you might just forget to capture any of those 13 evil ghosts at all! Don’t forget to do that, though. I’m pretty sure the world will be consumed by demons or whatever. Just don’t let that stop you from enjoying your vacation!

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