Every Extra From ‘Home Alone’ Ranked!

April 25, 2022 by

You love Home Alone. You watch it every Christmas and could quote basically every single line. But have you ranked the film's best extras? We thought so. That's why we've done it for you in the below slideshow! — Images: 20th Century Fox

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We will never forget these cops who valiantly arrested the Wet Bandits.
2 / 12
The bagger who clearly did not do his job correctly.
3 / 12
The woman in the airport who practically invented Resting Bitch Face.
4 / 12
The mysterious woman in red.
5 / 12
This man who smashes right through the fourth wall
6 / 12
The woman alone in church on Christmas Eve. Who hurt her? Who did she hurt?
7 / 12
Academy Award nominated actor Michael Sheen.
8 / 12
The woman getting a ticket because she's doing something prohibited within business districts (or at least that's what we're assuming based on the sign).
9 / 12
The skater with the world’s most iconic thigh-gap.
10 / 12
If it wasn’t for this man, who knows if Kevin would have had power during his time alone.
11 / 12
These good-natured polka players.
12 / 12
Elvis lives.

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