Macaulay Culkin Needs A New Middle Name

September 20, 2021 by , featured in Health, Macaulay Culkin
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Hi there, Mack here. How’ve you been? That’s great.

I assume you are up to speed on my middle name conundrum. Just in case you aren’t, let’s sum it up real quick:

My middle name is something dumb. Larry? Orange? Honestly, I can’t even remember it. So I asked you all to send in some better options so I can go down to the court house and explain to a judge why I need to change my middle name to something cool.

You sent in hundreds of suggestions and after going through them all, these were my favorite five. Without further ado:


This poll is open till Christmas Eve so I can wake up to a wonderful present from everyone. Sure, I might have gold plated watercraft, and chrome plated invisibility cloaks, but all I want for Christmas is a new middle name. And then you can be all “Oh, you got your wife a beautiful portrait of your family? Well, I chose Macaulay Culkin’s Middle Name.” And they will cry and cry. Don’t be the kind of person who cries on Christmas. Be the kind of person that chooses my new middle name.

Loves, Ya. Mean it!

Alright, now put that on the website. Are you still typing? No, finish with “loves ya” thing, don’t keep writing what I’m saying, I finished.

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  1. I did not know this was happening and I refuse to be a part of this survey because deep down in my heart of hearts, I believe your middle name should be Janice.

  2. I have always loved you as an actor, but I never found out your middle name (which blows my mind because I’m usually pretty on top of that kind of stuff). Anyways, I thought, since I didn’t know your middle name anyway, I would just make it the same as your regular name. That would make it a lot easier on me, I mean, I wouldn’t have to remember any extra names, it’s just your name, only double. Very sexy.

      1. I like the second name Carson. But if you really want to change the better option Kiran than all the other options that are.

  3. U are so super!!! We love u Mac!!! Can’t believe how u have not aged and ur sooo lean. What is ur secret!!! Please share ❤️

  4. You’re still awesome but make me way old ! Not your fault, when your on it’s christmas and I thank you for that. Stay real!

    1. I think you should give as a middle name, “NONE”, my husband didn’t have a middle name but for the longest time, he thought his middle was NONE.

  5. Love you Macaulay Culkin home alone will always be my favorite Christmas movie. I watched it with my kids and now with my grandkids and it’s there favorite as well.
    God bless you always.

  6. hey mack brian matthewchristophercashen/corbett/kenney/clarke/ fookin cullinane
    semi famous nyc child model
    on a billboard in times square for a couple of years ff in the mid sixties lots of print workand a few tv adz
    never wanted fame!!!
    i am a 61 year olds teamster/deadhead
    my autistic genious son lives in seattle
    he thinks you are cool
    so do i
    love you and yor website
    just watched the jimmy fallon show
    not bad for a couple of irish guys a couple of black rockstars and the beutiful marrissa hagerty
    up the field and fook the queen
    up cork
    up armagh and up BELFAST
    get in touch if youd like

  7. Middle name should be, place both hands on opposite sides of face to form bunny ears(don’t forget to holler). Try to put that on a license.

  8. Hi Macaulay I just voted! Can’t wait to see what your new Middle name is, peace, love, and Merry Christmas.

  9. Mack u r too funny. You look great saw u on Fallon. Still as handsome as u were as a kid. Good luck on the name and great job on website. Love it!

  10. Man ya look great! i just saw you on jimmy fallon and i almost died of laughter! The website is awesome. 💚 😁

  11. Mack
    You said on Fallon that your current middle name is Carson. I love that name. That was my sons (first) name that passed away when he was 3 months old. I thought it was so ironic because I had the biggest crush on you in middle school and here your middle name is Carson. I had every movie you were in. My girl was my fav. Anyway I love the name Carson. Everyone kept telling me that it was a “strong” name. Keep that in mind. Good luck! I won’t vote though. Lol

  12. Macaulay,

    I hope this message finds you well. I have raised four boys. Your movies offered a tremendous amount of entertainment and I thank you for your contributions and hard work. Because of your impact on my boys’ enjoyment I decided to follow your career. I will be candid that there were segments of your life that caused me concern for your well being. I am sure your life has not been as easy many would think. I would like to congratulate you for being the man that you have become and I would like to tell you that I am very proud of you. Why I felt the need to share this may be strange to many. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and 27 rounds of chemo just makes you act and think differently. I appreciate the man that you have become and I wish you the very best in your life to come.

    Take care,

    1. Tim-I agree 100%. I was thinking the same thing when he was on Jimmy tonight. I”m glad to see that he’s doing so good. I have four boys as well–ages 24, 22, 19, & 17. 🙂 It’s a real challenge! Sorry to hear about your battle with cancer. Hope the new cancer drug that fights cancer–by attacking the DNA of cancer cells–will work for you. Keep up the faith, they’re working hard & we’ve come so far!

    2. I am also extremely proud of Macaulay Culkin and glad he didn’t throw his life away.He should be rewarded for being who he is today!!! I have very serious chronic health problems.Therefore I know people never really know what’s going on in your life.When you’re a celebrity I’m sure life is very hard because people are so easy to write nonsense about you in magazines.I am extremely, extremely proud of him for not allowing drugs or the media to destroy his life and potential.I love you Macaulay Culkin.Keep up the good work man!!!!!

  13. Loving
    Here I was thinking, that common sense and logic were a thing of the past…..but no,….here it is at You have renewed my hope for mankind as a whole in the future. A breath of fresh air.

  14. You like Hackers, right? How about Flu Shot? Or something rabbity like Energizer. Energizer Flu Shot. But that’s three middle names, none of which are Catholic saints. Maybe it should be a name you can wear to church still? Benedict or Boethius are awesome religious names. Macaulay Boethius Culkin. But I was always fond of Mooonchild, and your story is neverending.

  15. Why put yourself through this? Might sound good to you now….but when you’re old and have one foot in the grave…would you really want a crazy middle name to be a part of your heritage? If you don’t like your current middle name just eliminate it. 🤨

  16. Middle name should be, place both hands on opposite sides of face slightly higher than ears to form bunny ears (don’t forget to holler). Try to fit all that on a drivers license.

  17. If you really change your middle name since your so famous now and have been at X mas time of the year . I think you should be called Macaulay X-Mas Calkin ~

    1. You are right! 👍🏼Don’t make sense: Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin. Hope he read your message! Good luck 😉

  18. I saw you tonight on The Tonight Show. I haven’t seen you in an interview for over a decade, only read headlines while standing in line at the grocery store. I’m sorry you are not happy with your name. Carson is classy. But it is obvious that you are unhappy with a lot of things in your life. For that, I will pray for you. I’m 67 and still enjoy Home Alone. You are a very talented person and should focus on how happy you have & continue to delight others, not push the shock doctrine in everything you do. It’s just not a becoming look on you.

  19. I was just a kid. They left me. Rap them in Xmas lights. Hahaha. I shared the video with so many peeps. Crazy ass Uber driver!!! Hilarious! !!!

  20. I think it should be Maculkin Caulay, so you could be Macaulay Maculking Caulay Calking, try saying that 5 times fast

  21. Saw you on Jimmy Fallon tonight and seriously you are looking good. So happy you have found yourself in action again, and what little thumbing through BunnyEars, I found it very enjoyable. Thank you so much for all you do, Gid Bless you McCauley.

  22. I’m sorry I missed the first round from which the five finalists were chosen. I would have nominated “Caulayinfree”.

  23. Your middle name should be “🐇”
    because you’ve already meta-head tripped your way back into the clean big leagues bud…

  24. Love this cool idea. When are you making another Home Alone? It would be really cool to see an updated version with everyone much older….🤷‍♀️👍💙🤶🏻

  25. Merry Christmas you filthy animal! Lol ❤
    Love you in Home Alone and Richy Rich $$.
    Send me an email so I can frame it and brag about it in my IG account @itsnancyg63, email me to [email protected].

  26. Macaulay, I know you’ve narrowed the choices to the 5 names shown above, but my bf suggested “McLovin” for your middle name. Don’t know if that had been suggested previously. Anyway, IMHO Macaulay McLovin Culkin would suit you well.

  27. I think your middle name should be Bun Bun. Keeping with the bunny theme. I just lost my house rabbit/ bunny and great friend. She was a sassy ass rabbit who was so smart and such a trouble maker. She used to drag plastic bags out of the holder and string them all over the kitchen for me to find! She loved pizza and if I had pizza, forget it, she would literally jump on the couch to grab pieces off of my plate! She chased and tormented the cats to no end! They used to run when they saw her! She wouldn’t let me go if I was in the kitchen unless I gave her a treat. If I tried to ignore her she would scratch my legs until I acknowledged her!
    She was amazing so again your middle name should be Bun Bun.

  28. M, We meet a while ago through mutual friends unlike those fools out there, I had faith in you every day’s a new day, Im not going lie like others I did have my worries, enjoyed the youtube show, also I believe you can start a new life with a great come back. Guess what BunnyEars? My DNA REPORT CAME BACK AS TO WHO MY BIO PARENTS WERE So Im also changing my name, I voted but truly? I believe you’re smart as hell, always have. I voted for the one the funniest one but in my heart, I believe it should truly be your brother’s name or one who meant something to you. Just saying these Judges can be amazing fools who need more of an education in humanity cut people ( like us child actors ) some slack I’d love for Christmas two simple things Im alone so funny one here it goes for you. One there’s a little girl I met who is making tie dye tee shirts for children in the hospital, Mr. BunnyEars she’s 4 years old so send her some 100 pure cotton white tee shirts. Im, sure she’ll make you one there extremly amazing and she’s for wanting to spread love peace and hopefully bring a smile to a child in the hospital in need of a smile that’s my first wish

    My second is WTH DO I CHANGE MINE TO, GIOIA FERRANTE SEDGWICK MORRISON OR GIOIA MORRISON SEDGWICK FERRANTE? OR WHEN MY ADOPTIVE FATHER PASSES JUST CHANGE IT TO GIOIA SEDGWICK MORRISON? Oh it will be coming out soon in the media can’t be a child of two icons and clueless we have decided each of us will all come out in the row of 3 as im the oldest I said two the team allow them to go first, seeing I know why my bio mother as ill, weak as she wasn’t, yet again allow her family to do that again. She fleed kicking screaming, back to NYC. I was born in the Chelsea Hotel with barely any strength from the hospital in Cali back to NYC, the world believes I was adopted SURPRISE IM ALIVE JUST WITH DYSLEXIA GRATEFUL IT WASN’T DYLAN WHO ISN’T NICE TO ANYONE. She wasn’t going to allow her family to do that find me on Fb and give me some answers Thes are my wish and stay clear of Feldman and a few others I’ll explain in my personal chate. They wont take friend request only from your self and few.

  29. In order to have the “greatest” impact, the middle name of “The McRibIsBack” will satisfy tens of thousands of hungry sports fans who love to watch a game on TV while munching on an indescribable McRib sandwich. some folks say it is the barbeque flavor, some say it is the texture, while others say that getting it down is the best part. Regardless of the reason someone will choose a McRib, we all need to get behind Macaulay “McRib” Culkin and vote for his middle name of: “The McRibIsBack.” I will have everyone at our sports bar to enter their choice. The use of his full name as his middle name is a cheat, In a hundred years who will remember Macaulay “MC” Culkin. however, if we all unite and select “The McRibIsBack,” we will guarantee that the sandwich of many will be enshrined on Macaulay Culkin’s Headstone. No one will remember what the McRib was or how it tasted, but the name will last forever – if YOU get out the VOTE today and put the McRib on the map forever!

  30. Long time fan home alone would be my favourite christmas movie if it wasnt for Die Hard Bruce Willis and i share a birthday so were fairly connected like that otherwise Home Alone is the bomb not the srcond one ibmean it was great its in my top 10 christmas movies but you wernt actually home alone actually you wernt even home but i meanni think National Lampoons christmas vacation gets number 4 and then probably Harrold and Kuma christmas hahaha i love those guys and then A nightmare Before Chtistmas then maybe HA2 but i really liked The Good son way to smash the mold that was brilliant cold calculating it was bad ass great acting . And of course your work with John Candy , Uncle Buck great flick , i also thought that Sonic Youth clip was pretty boss too great band , so anyway about this name change thing no idea what you middle name is atm i voted for sharky because the sharks around Australia get a really hard time ecen though shark attacks only happen once a year there are far more dangerous animals out there like hippos kill thousands every year but sharks are so hard done by so its really spot on from a political point of view i think the waters are over fished and that will eventually lead to more shark attacks anyway but that will be the sharks fault, really appreciate you i actually have 2 middle nameso i may of sugested Macaulay Kevin Macalister Culkin. Macaulay Shark Week Culkin sounds good , Macaulay Kevin Keiren Culkin? Any ways lookin good man love the page .

  31. WOW!
    You are one of my childhood idols bro!
    Is good to see you back, live and in health.
    From a Dominican Republic Fan

  32. I think it’s Carson? I’d like to submit that while changing your middle name to “Macaulay Culkin” you make Kieran change his middle name to Kieran as well. Kieran Kieran Culkin and Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin.

    I’ve typed them so much that now I’m convinced I made all of these names up myself and they don’t actually exist.

  33. Hey mack love your movies from home alone to page master and uncle buck even loved you in party monter my fav your such a talented person any how i vote to change it to maximus cause i think your great.

  34. Tk you for YOU !! You’ve brought SOOOOOO much happiness to us !!!! Wishing you Love Peace Joy Health Happiness and Prosperity ALWAYS !!! 😃

  35. Great to see the uniqueness of talent, sense of humor. Glad to see you doing well man. I voted!
    Merry Christmas! Hope to see more of you in 2019..

  36. Hey man, lookin good…. now i do have a question for you that you probably get a lot. What does the adult Macauley shaved face putting on after shave look like??

  37. I love you I think you are one of the GREATEST CHILD ACTORS of all time keep being you an original an don’t change MERRY CHRISTMAS an good things to you always plus a great long future

  38. dear macauly culkin. my name is Ryan. as a young child my life was going just fine… until home alone came out. unfortunately for me: we were pretty much twins for most of the early 90’s
    every day i was tormented by the same question. “do you know who you look like????”
    at one point my nickname was home alone!!!!
    you didn’t know this. but for my entire childhood YOU were my mortal enemy…..
    now as an adult. theres no hard feelings. we didnt choose to be this handsome..
    besides. im pretty sure i grew up to be taller than you !!!
    anyways. i think you owe it to me to change your middle name to ryan. please do so.

  39. Ya know I could be studying for my final right now but voting to legally change Macaulay Culkin’s name seemed like a better use of my time. The internet is making the future weird…

  40. I love you Macaulay! do not change , stay as you are !!!
    I’m french , i do not speak english very well …. sorry.

  41. You need to be on the next season on “Shameless”. You could be the guy that steals “Ian” from “Mickey” in prison. Might get you back on screen.

  42. Hey Mack, I love your site! I’ve been checking it out for a while now and I had one question? I’ve never actually talked to anyone famous in my life and It seems all I’m doing is working my life away…Im a 33 year old man from Columbus, OH…But anyways, I’ve watched all your movies and like the rest of the world I think you’re amazing…I just have one question for you, Do you remember anything at all about working with John Candy? He was a hero of mine..You should’ve saw the pancakes!! I couldn’t get’m through the door Lmao!! But anyways, sorry to bother you sir, I know you’re busy.Great job with the site and the career!

  43. Home Alone was great but fuck all that. Cant wait to see you in some new movies my man. Something way different than that. I think you would be amazing

  44. I think your middle name should be the last name of your character on Home Alone . Not sure of the spelling but I think it is McAllister, so it would be Mack McAllister Culkin.

  45. I am a true fan of you since home alone. I saw you when you were filing part 2 of Hoen alien in Brooklyn on park ave !!!! I wish to meet you one day my children all love you ! Your a big thing in our home. Xoxox

  46. Love this kid! Been following him through all his life and I’ve gotta say I’m so happy he’s found that smile of his again! He is such a funny guy and he wears that smile well. Glad he’s overcome his troubles and has this new website bunny ears! I love it!_ Keep it up Macaulay your laughter insires us all!!

  47. Your Middle name should be what everybody on the planet already calls you…
    “Macaulay The Kid From Home Alone Culkin”

  48. I think you are super cool and I love all your movies.Especially Uncle buck and Home Alone 1 and 2.I always dream about a new Home Alone movie where you play the father.Especially if it is done right and extremely funny!!! I think a brilliant idea will be if your character plays a inventor and then teaches his son cool tricks.I also dream of a sequel to The Gremlins movies. But they shouldn’t use CGI only animatronics. Because it looks real.Have a nice day.Stay cool and keep acting man!

  49. Why can’t we have had Oscar “Meyer” as a choice? Hashtag #lookingagifthorseinthemouthandnotseeingbolonga’smiddlename

  50. I wanna be that person with you when you enter the country from vacation. It would be so hard not to snicker at the faces every single security agent is going to make at you for whichever of these names you get. I’d change mine too but I like my middle name too much, it’s funny enough just the way it is.

  51. Those middle names are lame. It should be either Macaulay “Rawley” Culkin or Macaulay “Macaw” Culkin.

  52. Was just watching you on Jimmy Fallon. Loved you in Home Alone, Home Alone New York & My Girl. You’re aging very well. You look exactly like an older version of Kevin.

  53. Very much life issues I can identify with, just not compete with or accomplish. But then I’m going on many many years old, and muchly more than you, so Loves, Ya! Mean It!

  54. I think your name is great I would leave it as is but if it must be changed I would do your its kind cute tu say hey that’s my middle name 😂 all the best to you Mack Culkin.

  55. Hi Mack,

    just wanted to let you know, how much I love your work and this – piece of art – website. You’re a really great and funny guy and being part of this whole sensation, better, one of the people voting for your middle name, is awesome! If the name I’ve picked for you really becomes your middle name, it will also be the best X-Mas present for me too (although I don’t even celebrate it X-Mas … lol).

    I wish you all the best!

    Lejla (from the cold city of Graz/Austria/Europe

    P.S.: If you have still contact with Pete, please let him know I said “hi”. I still remember the live show of the Babyshambles in Graz. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Thanks!

  56. Don’t do something now that you will regret later, nice to see your doing well take care of yourself.

  57. Grown up every year watching Home alone 1 & 2, My kids now quote scenes from the movies on there way to school every Christmas. Coming from down under I have to put in a Aussie twist so my vote would be – Jackaroo . Your a Legend mate, Love your work !!!!

  58. You are still my favorite childhood actor brother! Watch them every year. I honestly wish I had a time machine to create the perfect proposal on the very set of Home Alone.

  59. Love your website. I would have voted for trouble… because it would be fun to say trouble is my middle name, but… sigh… that is a very lame old granny joke… because I am a granny who tells very lame jokes. Can’t help myself. It’s like dad jokes… only with homemade cookies and stuff.

  60. I’ve been a fan of your work for many years. Any change of getting an autographed photo? Thanks for all the memories!

  61. I am sure you have somone monitor this. But I want you to know just as 40 hundred 80 10 people as my granddaughter would say. Thank you for your movies. They have brightened my kids who are older than you I am sure. Good Luck with the middle name game. I always thought you are unique and liked it, and that is what sets you apart from the others.

  62. Dear Macaulay (or Mack if you prefer),

    I am writing from Ulan-Bator, Mongolia – where your portrayal in Home Alone is still adored and enjoyed by people of all ages and walk of life. It’s beautiful that you touched so many people here, who some don’t even speak English or other languages than their own. I am one of them… I still even ‘pay’ to rewatch it on our IPTV.

    I hope this will bring a new perspective to you, here we hold our birth name with lots of love and affection.
    Please don’t change your middle name just for the sake of ‘entertainment’ or any other pleasure of making others have a quick laugh and move on. Keep it!

    But I do like your website, it is refreshing and keep on exploring the new way of life, but trust me, keep the name!

  63. Hi, just now seeing this. I was thinking
    Macaulay/Mack “The Knife” Culkin.

    I will give it some thought and vote.
    Take care!!!

  64. Hi Mack,

    Just wanted to say that you were my favorite actor as a kid (back in the early 90’s). Really loved your movies. I wish for you great success in the future, and hopefully a middle name that does not sound too silly.


  65. I dont think any of those names are “cool” enough for you. You need a really cool, hip name. My suggestions
    Macaulay Ezra Rain
    Macaulay Ryker
    Macaulay Llama
    Macaulay MrMactoyou
    Macauley Maximus Thorn

  66. What your middle name should be is. Lamentations, Thessalonians, Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Ezra, Nehemiah, Chronicles, Revolution, Micah, I am only naming a few. If these name you don’t fine to fit or funny😁 I will fine more middle names for you. Also look through a baby book.

  67. I voted for the name change because it was “fun” but I do agree you should just keep your original beautiful name. I also watch Home Alone EVERY Christmas…at least twice.

    just would of thought a name change would of been Mr Jackson. Woould of been a top choice.
    Have enjoyed your home alone movies this time of year. Jim in illinois

  69. “Rodger rabbit” lol, its fitting. initials would be MR.RC.. xp
    Cason or true gritt is a thought. Aha

  70. Sup Mack.

    It’s Jim here. We say yesterday tomorrow. Glad to see you’re really seizing the crap out of this day.

    As always,

  71. Macaulay O’Kevin Culkin, gives homage to your Irish roots and Kevin because you’ll always be that kid who was Home Alone. I know you have your top 5 but give it a sec to ponder. Thanks Dave

  72. MaCulkin would have been cool. An amalgamation of your first and last name that would have been instantly recognizable.

  73. If you wanna change yor mid name to something weird, den change it to “Something Weird” easy-peasy.
    Regards, not regrets,

  74. Make a Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin time capsule to be unearthed in 182 years (MMCC.) It should cry out “Get out of here, you nosy little pervert” when opened.

  75. Since the name “Macaulay” contains a hawk-like sound — “CAWWW” — that should be your name — Macaulay Caw Culkin.

  76. I just wana say your a legend. Me and my daughter watch homealone and two every Christmas not the other crap just one and two. Chicken chow Meon ain’t got a clue why wrote that but just felt right lol 😂

  77. I’ve never voted in any presidential or midterm election, but here I am voting for Macaulay Culkin’s new middle name. Gotta keep those priorities straight

  78. You should change your first name to ‘Not’ and middle name to ‘Macaulay’. Considering you prefer to tell people you’re ‘Not Macaulay Culkin’. 🙂

  79. Friday, November 30, 2018 at 14:21 (2:21p)

    Dear Mack,

    I voted for Shark Week, because if it were me who had 15 minutes of fame like you that’s what I would do. But, my friend, if your very own GIRLFRIEND. like your NUMERO UNO suggests that you be Publicity Stunt, I thinks ya bettah listen to her… and have a very Merry Christmas, and a very, very Happy New Year. And then again, in some photographs your eyes look to be at two different levels, and your hair is kind of orangey, so you could possibly be a live human version of MAD magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman. That would require a whole new first name, a whole new middle initial, and a whole new family name, and a whole lot of BALLS, and hilarity, which might just turn your GIRLFRIEND oooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

  80. Mate, u are a legend, from an Italian living in Australia:
    Pazzo means crazy or really cool ( in Italian)
    But I know you used to change words in songs with Pizza and it sounds very similar to pazzo… so…Here it comes….
    SEI UN PIZZAAA hahaha
    Glad to here you are back

  81. Nice to see you back mack!!! Hope to see more of you on camera!!! You look great to by the way!! Blessings to you!!

  82. You are my childhood man! Love Home Alone 1 and 2. I watch these movies every December and we’re the same age haha.

  83. Mack dear please consider ‘Atreyu’. I think it’s perfect! MACAULAY ATREYU CULKIN
    See, it even looks badass! Lovies

  84. I think one of the choices for your middle name should be What’s Your Middle Name.

    So you would introduce yourself and say I am Macaulay What’s Your Middle Name Caulkin. So people would always be telling you their middle name. And then if someone asked you are you Macaulay What’s Your Middle Name Caulkin? Then you would say What’s Your Middle Name and then they would tell you their middle name!

  85. Thanks! Participating in this event of name changing put a smile on my face, that I needed, after a long week. Cheers to happy Christmases and silly name changes 🙂

  86. You’re The Best M.C !! -Everything is Awesome, everything is cool when Your part of a team. -Lego Movie

  87. Since your using bunny ears, why not try something like this for a unique and somehow phonetic middle name?




  88. I’m a big fan😉, I grew up watching home alone and home alone 2. Your the best, I love watching your movies when the season of Christmas is here😘. Your a classic, love you much.💕💕💕

  89. Hi from France. I hear about the poll in the Tonight Show (you were already invited a couple of month ago and I discovered BE this way, I read it since) and Im naive but I wonder : does American court really accept “TheMcRibIsBack” if it is the winner ?
    Please, not Kieran. There is only one Kieran Culkin and he is so cool !
    Merry Christmas !

  90. If you change you middle name to the McRibIsBack then you could be in a McDonalds commercial saying the Mack is back.

  91. Hey there Mack.

    I would like to begin with Saying, I think you are awesome. Not because I was introduced to the Macauly era, even though that is ace. As we are similar ages but because you’ve given us a chance to know you and your great persona which is also ace by the way, I do have other words other than ace but right now it’s a tad early here in England UK and my four year old is deciding to delve into more mischief. So hey there ace. Cant wait to see the result and PS don’t be a stranger. It’s nice to see what you are up too nowdays… Now he is cleaning the litter up, I am doing something right. Haha. 🌟

    Jenny. 🇬🇧

  92. It was great to see you on the Late Show. I watched and loved all your movies. It became a Christmas Tradition to watch them.
    Favorite is the first. I have worried about you for a long time, kind of like a great aunt. It was really fun to see you happy and healthy. You are an amazing young man.

  93. Hi Mack,

    I hope you pick Kieran so you will have classy initials for when you want to design something or monogram something. I would pick Neon or Pink or both because I am a Pink Floyd fan and a neon freak. Btw, I have an LED product design for any automobile and area. I can send it via email for you to view. If you help me or connect me to someone that can and when we reach a licencing agreement for royalties, you will get royalties too.
    Thank you for your time, it won’ be wasted,

    Kimberly Key Young

    1. Honestly, we ALMOST included it. It was the very next one down the list but we wanted to limit the choices. We got over 500 name suggestions.

  94. I was supposed to start my paper for my final project toward my 6th year degree toward educational leadership, but I keep procrastinating. When I finally sat down at the computer to pull up the rubric to see what I should be writing about in regards to my research work, I realized I had the opportunity to vote on Mack’s new middle name. Then I noticed I could should leave a comment! This weekend is going to be terrible.

  95. Dude, I don’t know how you overcame your addiction, but GOOD FOR YOU, man! You look great. You can tell that you’re healthy, and you look happy. It’s a true testimate to those who are struggling and feel like there is no way out. Just look at Mac, you can do it! Mac, so glad to have you back!

  96. I Voted For Kieran Because My Name Is Karen. However, I DO Like Macaulay Culkin as a Middle Name Also. I’m 54 Years Young and I Enjoying Watching “HOME ALONE 1 & 2” Every Year. Plus I Have The CD Soundtrack to “HOME ALONE.” I Just Watched Your Clip from “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.” Thanks For ALL The Happy Christmas Memories! And One More Thing…

  97. Listened to your podcast on camp no counsellors.. sounds pretty wicked..I worked at a summer camp every summer for about 8 to 10 years…some of the best years of my life!! And I just voted on your middle name my friend are an amazing person …keep being you dude!! Love and respect Mack! All the way from Canada eh!


  98. Can’t believe no one has suggested “MacCarson” just a little Mac on the BIG Mac! You’re such a MacRib kinda guy anyway. Oh how’d I get on that topic? Hmmmm I have a sudden craving!

  99. Does this mean that if option one wins you will legally change your name to Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin? I’m not sure you’ve thought this through hence I voted publicity stunt. Good one though….it’s working 😆

  100. I can’t tell you how happy I am that Kevin McAllister isn’t on the final list! Your last name would be funny too, then last, first and middle on paperwork would be similar to Bond, James Bond. Best of luck in the future!

  101. I was curious if you could do the impossible and unlikely task of being willing to give me either advice or an opportunity to get out of the low lifestyles that i have been subjected to. I am enthusiastically handling the fecal matter that is my girlfriend. And needed further information about how to clean this mess, everywhere we go I’m stuck explaining why she is so unpleasant. Well I don’t want to be an asshole but clearly she originated from one and I am obligated to try and relate to her. P.s I made her myself with all food made with love. I expected more support from my family but they haven’t been so supportive.

  102. Hi Mack! I’ve always wished that one day; on one of my awesome visits to The Big Apple; that I would bump into you on the street. It would be a such thrill just to speak a few & let you know how much your admired & wish you all the best in life!! You never know; maybe one lucky day???

  103. So overjoyed to see you so happy & well on The Tonight Show with Jimmy. Merry Christmas, my friend. I love you and wish you a wonderful joyous and successful Christmas and New Year.

  104. I did vote for Macaulay Culkin and it by far looks like the favorite. I do think there is nothing wrong with the name Carson either. Have fun and Merry Christmas!!!

  105. Hi there Mack 🙂 it’s 2: 31 am here in m my country , I just wanted to tell you …I love Home Alone and I watch it every time it airs on tv , it gives me the warm feeling of comfort and joy , it’s good to know you are communicating with your fans and that we can text you here, I think the best middle name for u would be Mickie 🙂 All my sisters and I think you are so awesome we were also Michael Jackson fans .stay blessed

  106. I would love to hear you’ve changed your middle name to “Feckin” (often said by Mrs. Brown of ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys’), because then when you’re stopped in public, you could say “I’m MaCaulay Feckin’ Culkin!”

  107. You’re the man Mac! I’m a couple years younger than you and I grew up with your films. My favorite film has to be “The good son” Anyways, I love this! Bunny Ears fooooooo life lol.

  108. Wow Bro ..highlight of 2018! I thought it should be “me” or “my” as your middle name! 😉

  109. To me if your middle name becomes Kieran it could as well be a nod to your brother Kieran and in keeping with the Celtic Irish link and in saying. it full name wise Macaulay Kieran Culkin rolls off the tongue nicely to my ear or consider Macaulay Riordan Culkin

  110. You are so freakin funny! I helped choose your middle name! This will be my happy Christmas to myself! Keep up the laughter it changes the world!

  111. My middle name is Aristotle, if you’re middle name is Aristotle too your initials would spell MAC, which IS Very COOL. MY initials spell WAR, having your initials spell IS REALLY COOL.

  112. Change your middle name to “Buck” because Uncle Buck with John Candy made you a star that led you to bigger things. Your awesome Mac!

  113. The PERFECT middle name would obviously be Fulkin. When asked “What’s your name?” Your response could be “What, you don’t know who I am? I’m Macauly Fulkin Culkin!!”

  114. Dear Macaulay Culkin,

    I believe Carson is a fantastic middle name, however, something seems to be missing from it, I would recommend making your name “Macaulay Carson Blickenstaff Culkin”

    Carson Leavitt Blickenstaff

  115. omg guess he will really be Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin
    My preference is Publicity Stunt but ya know to each there own.

  116. Hey!
    Okay, so silly but sincere question… what’s with the bunny ears thing? Don’t get me wrong I totally dig it! I have two rabbits. A Gizmo (Gremlins) and a Gidgit (t.v show). But I was curious.
    Anyway I was torn with the name thing and wanted two votes confounded! (shark week cause let’s face it- that’s both awesome and hilarious. And Macaulay Culkin because it just doesn’t need explaining.) The mayhem, confusion and giggles it would cause is reason enough.
    Well enough of my rambling.
    Hope this finds someone with a bigger smile than when they started reading it!

  117. Dude, you are so funny 😂 I couldn’t stop laughing while reading. I voted and can’t wait to see the results. I mean, how cool is it that I just might have chosen Macaulay Culkin’s middle name?! Seriously so awesome haha. God bless and Merry Christmas ❤

  118. Macaulay, love the philosophy and your ‘BunnyEars’ ecosystem via social media. This has the ability to make a real change. Spread the positive, kindness, and peace! Bring em’ all together to hug and happiness above all. Should have “KEVIN” as your middle name as a special tribute to yourself any kid that is home alone with ‘team idiot’ home invasion.
    Live Every Week Like It Is Shark Week!!
    Love you forever, J

  119. I’m suggesting ARTHUR as your middle name because it nails your acronym: MAC – anyway, Arthur name is better than none.

    Enjoy the festivities

    Best wishes


  120. Hey,
    My 4 year old lad adores you always asks for home alone to be on so he can see the baddies getting tricked by the silly boy 😂 be real to urself and enjoy what you have. You have a lot of love and support around you I’m sure and know that whatever you choose they’ll be happy for you. Happy holidays and merry Christmas from Devon England xxx

  121. You’re an awesome young man, and ornery, Love it!! Heck I changed my name cause of
    a divorce, lol, at least you did it for fun, Congrats.
    I loved your Home Alone movies.
    Love ya,

  122. I believe that all of the entry choices do not fit you.
    You should use your middle name “CARSON”, as your first name.
    Thus making your full name:
    Carson Macaulay Culkin
    It has a better ring to it wouldn’t you say?

    Please put this option on the ballot!

  123. I watched home alone when i was a kid for the first time. And now i am watching it with my kids….. this movie will last forever . From kuwait with love

  124. Hi wassup names Venegas it’s great you get a new middle name for Christmas I wish I had one to for Christmas?!!

  125. Hi mack im new to your website as i seen a clip on youtube from the jimmy fallon show. I just want to say im a big fan from york England and i will be using your website regularly

  126. i voted for shark week, that was a mistake
    gluten and dairy free recipe posted? /swoon
    fun site
    thanks 🙂

    stupidly desirous of getting an email, Veronica

  127. Plz make another home alone movie with harry and marv. That would be jokes. Btw my favourite movie of yours is uncle buck.

  128. I just found this site after you Jimmy Fallon appearance . I feel it the name should be Macaulay Fuckin Culkin.


  130. At first… I’m like what idiot would change his middle name but then I said… I remember envying you when I was a kid watching your movies.… So then I said… You’re cool enough and this website is ccool enough to do whatever you want to do. So I voted. When you said… On Jimmy Fallon . “ Macaulay Culkin is my middle name“ that was it. That was the decision maker for me. take Care Mack!

  131. You could always erase half of your first name and half of your last name

    But if this goes the way it looks like its going to go …I think you just created a great summoning spell

  132. I understand you wanting to change your middle name and everything but for someone like me that grew up as you grew up and watched you fall. I never gave up hope that you would get back up which you did and you are stronger and better now. I hope if you do have a middle name it is a better one then these like Evan or Thomas but I think your real middle name is fine and it was always cute how you had to say it. You are a awesome actor and person and i hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy New year as well. #BigFanSinceUncleBuckFirstCameOut.

  133. I know you probably hate this but….You will always be Macaulay “Home Alone” Culkin to me. You could change this if you made an all new Home Alone where you as an adult have an even more adorable child who was left home alone… PLEASE make that movie!

  134. I voted on your name thing. how could you leave out Mac attack as an option ! lol anyway this is a cool web spot 🙂

  135. I think its cool to see that you’re back in the spotlight so to speak…
    Very funny stuff! Inspiring.
    Looking forward to your next production.
    (BTW, I believe ‘Kick-Ass” would be an awesome middle name.)

  136. I have just learned of this. Is this all the options that we have? I can think of so many better names than that 5. You rock on my friend. Peace

  137. My last name is Carson. My middle name? Richee. Yeah…two E’s. My sisters called me Richie Rich growing up and I hated it until your movie was made. Then everyone was jealous.

    I like this typeface BTW.

  138. I’m so glad to see you on social media… on interviews.. I love hearing you Express yourself.. best wishes.
    I’m Vi..
    Nice to meet you.

  139. In one of the interviews you said that you like the name Kiran. So if you like it, it may not matter what people vote for. You know better what name you like and what you want. And judging by the options in the survey, almost all the options are comic and only this name is normal. No other male names. Most likely you want him. I like the male name Chris. But since he is not in the poll, I voted for the name Kiran. But in general, I will not say that I believe in this, but some people say that changing the name can affect the fate and life of a person. Therefore, it may not be worthwhile to choose some kind of comic variants for the name. I myself once visited the idea to change the name.
    Although my name is not double. Yes, and I like my name. I just thought it was my problem.

    On the whole, you write that you want a name change for Christmas as a gift. But this gift only depends on you. If you want this you can do it.

    But I do not get what I want for Christmas.

  140. Hey guys. Love all y9u do. Never change. I would love to come hang out. Lots of ideas and fun times.

  141. Well Mack! This is an interesting website. I totally think you should chose “publicity stunt” as your new middle name. It makes it so much more fun. Can you imagine the judges face hahahaha.

    Nat from Canada 🇨🇦

  142. Haha glad to see the name I voted for is the one leading the race. I know its cliche by now and your probably sick of it but my kids and I just had the Home Alone Christmas movie night just 2 nights ago. You might hate it but Christmas wouldnt be the same without you in Home Alone. Glad to see your well man. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Name.

  143. I am so glad to see you back in action. You are looking great and healthy and I am so proud of everything that you are doing. You are living your best life and it really shows. Congrats Mack!!!!!

  144. you should get into the silicone buisness it would be called Macaulay Culkin’s Caulking company i thik it could really catch on

  145. Your the best dude.
    Im 33 now and my kids just love your movies.
    Especially Home Alone obviously. Pretty sure your sick of hearing that. ” You big horses ass.”

    All the best.
    Cheers from Toronto, Canada!

  146. Macaulay Still Culkin

    Macaulay DJ Culkin

    Macaulay Never Culkin

    Macaulay Yaluacam Culkin

    Macaulay @ Culkin

  147. Why is your middle name not Ludlow,,,, it pretty much seems like it should be already…. God must have made a mistake and forgot to remind everyone of the typo*. I mean Ludlow…. that is your actual middle name… Macaulay Ludlow Culkin… you come here this instant…. see what I mean. Just sort of rolls off the vulgar parent tongue.

  148. But dude, think about it.. Macaulay My Culkin. just do it, those other ideas aint got shit on this.. okay maybe Macaulay Culkin is great but come on.

  149. You were the curtest little boy, love all of your Home alone movies.
    I like your middle name as is, but I chose your brother’s name, hope it wins.

  150. Hey There Culiin,
    I think your middle name should be Shit Head or Dick Brain! They really suit you. Another great Irish name for you try as a middle moniker is Bollix or Eejit. None of these are offensive as you are so obviously deserving these monikers. Your website is amusing but you are like a teenager, loving crudity and crude shapes. You have placed several items for sale except your should, that seems to have gone a long time ago. Maybe you flushed it down the loo. Either way, aside from cute movies and this dreadful website, I was just wondering what you do. Do you contribute to society ? Source good grass ? Help old ladies across the street or just fill your daze with trips to the museum or libraries to make up for the fact that your childhood and education was so interrupted ? What is your point? Please let yourself know before you tell me. It can only help you get a better understanding of your self. Good man, Next time you come to Ireland, the country that your fucking shite old man, originated from, leave your baggage at the gate and try to reconnect with that auld soul of yours…lots of love, Mary

  151. Dude you are like my hero everyone loves you. Ive been down that road if your doing this for you thats one thing but people care about you believe it or not. Dryvers was the way to go. Creativity is in your blood straddle that shit.

  152. Your vids with AVGN and James and Mike are assssss! I love them, lol is great hearing your dulcet tones again dude.

    Ginger Jesus, UK

  153. So, if Macaulay Culkin is your middle name, would that make you Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin? It’s cool and all.. but Macaulay Mutha-Fukkin Culkin has a better ring to it. Middle names are weird and boring anyway. My real question is: Will you do custom shirts? Like, if I had an idea, would you make it for me in your style? Nothing complicated. I just randomly fell onto this page and I also make bad decisions.

  154. nice to see mac is back ….love the drivers stint you did as an older kevin … gold ….. chuffed things are going well for you hope you have a great chistmas

  155. Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin has a nice ring to it haha 🙂
    Loved you on the AVGN episodes!
    Good luck with this project right here and best wishes!

  156. I’ve come across people in my life who are always trying too hard at something; trying too hard to be funny, trying too hard to be buddies, etc. You’re the first I’ve come across who seems to be trying too hard to be …. casual.

  157. You should do more Christmas themed movies! Hallmark is making a big name in the market with new Christmas movies every year and people seem to love them! My wife and I LOVE Christmas movies and always look forward to them every year! You were made for this industry and Lots of fans would go nuts if you decided to do it! Middle Name”MO” or “MOE”

  158. I low-key support “The McRib is back.” Why? Because, every time you make ribs, they’d be MackRibs. Thus, it should be The MackRib is back.” I also had other ideas, like Mack Attack, Hit The Road Mack, Mack Street’s Back, Mack Doogle, and Old Man Mack (for when you’re older). I refuse to support Mack Daddy, because suddenly every weird fan will call you Daddy. Just. No.

  159. Hey just saw your interview on the jimmy Fallon show and thought it was funny as shit! Haha. I voted as well .Just wanted to see if I could get your autograph…if not it’s aite. And also your lucky to date Brenda song…best wishes man. “Toot-a-loo Mother’s fuckaaaaa” -chao (hang over movie)

  160. I don’t really like the choices you made me have to choose from you should make another list of real good middle names if your serious nothing that sounds like a Joke. The only one that sounded real was your brothers name and I already know your middle name is “Carson” IDK why you want to change it I like it the way it is but it’s up to you. I am a big fan always love you and your movies saw you on “Jimmy Fallon” two weeks ago and just want to say you look incredible. Super cute and a Hottie! Want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years Macaulay! Keep me updated stay in touch make some movies maybe do pranks or be a comedian! Your the best stay Awesome! BTW I am mostly on Facebook I glance on your pages every once and awhile just so you know I care about you alot! Go on more shows I watch them on YouTube Peace! Xoxo -Samantha Nagengast. My name on facebook is fake it is “Marie Amelia” changed it temporarily on purpose so don’t think it is legally changed 😂 hopefully you will notice me and possibly message me! Love you! Stay Savage! 😍😜😘🙌😎💪👀💋👍✌👌👏👏

  161. I wanted to vote as Kevin for ur middle name cuz I’m named after u so u should name itself after someone named after u that u never met 😁

  162. Hi there!
    Loved seeing you on Jimmy Fallon recently.
    You sound like a super cool guy.
    I had to rush out and buy the Home Alone box set.
    And I really enjoyed your recent commercials to.

  163. I so love you, Mack, and always have since the first Home Alone. And not just at Christmas time (your season.) LoL Glad to see you getting some limelight again.

  164. Favouritechicken 🙁 FeelsBadMan
    Feel soo strongly for you, Mack – but standing up to it – so fucking awesome to see!! And cool of Fallon to invite you on national tv!

  165. Lol this isn’t good bro!!! Going to be hard to say all that in one breath lol Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin lol I love it haha

  166. I just discovered this site and really enjoy it. My son is your age and you both look alot alike. We’ve both been fans since the start of your career. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and good luck in the New Year!🎄🎉

  167. You think your middle name is too Irish?? I’m Irish and have never met anyone on our wee Island called Carson. No such thing as too Irish anyway. There are only two people in the world..the Irish and those who wish they were Irish 😜 x Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!!!

  168. Should be “Kevin McCallister” for your middle name. Face it dude you are an icon from that movie. Long after everyone alive now is dead and gone, as Kevin McCallister you will always be the Home Alone kid and will live forever. Love and respect to you.

  169. thank you Macaulay Culkin for the immense joy gave you us would all your Movies and as such i am also a fan of you and i hope too see more of you in the future. yours sincerely Ali Omran

  170. Glad your back! Your middle name should be T for Terry. Name it after your uncle who was a great guy I knew him well.
    Your Aunt Judy is still awesome! Peace!

  171. Hey Mack its Steve from Canada 😎. Ya my nuts are frozen to my leg it’s so cold this time of year! First off I’m happy to see you looking good and off the drugs ! I’m 38 myself and went through addiction real bad and been sober 4 years now. I’m still trying to get off the bottom but that’s life I guess. Anyhow your the man and keep doing what your doing 👍I love the website it’s pretty dope. If you ever come to Canada hit me up! Lol

  172. Saw you on Fallon. I couldn’t wait to see this site. I think Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin is pretty funny.

  173. Dear Mack
    I just wanted to write a few words maybe you’ll see not even count you write but I read a lot about your story and I admire you for where you are here and now, of course you can hear it all many times all of you movies are fascinating but home alone is a classic you may think it’s too absurd but holidays for my family is not Christmas without Kevin it’s a tradition that I watch you every year and I’m 20 now I have a brother who currently is 5 years old and with him I can always see it as weirdo but what you passed through this movie is amazing and I will always remember you, I hope that it will always be good in your life, I hope you read it and since you are so nearing the holidays, I wish you a warm, peaceful and loving Christmas

  174. Your website and podcast is really creative and extraordinary. Your my favorite actor and hero. Thanks for getting me through childhood with your movies. Your the funniest and coolest person too. Your fan always Laura

  175. Hey, I have just seen this on jimmy fallon and thought it was very funny so I thought I would vote and it was very interesting seeing what people have voted for! good to see you back and have a great Christmas! x

  176. Hey there Macaulay

    I was thinking about your middle name be changed to Goodson. Like from the movie the good son. Just thought I’d toss that in. Anyway
    Good luck with your new middle name search.
    Take care 😀

  177. Hi big fan love what your doing on this website marry christmas and I would love to meet you in person. Oh and I voted for the first middle name.:-)

  178. I am a mom of 3 young adults, grandmother and soon to be grandmother again 🙂 . I have watched you grow up on TV. I know you have had many challenges that you have overcome and still deal with on a daily basis. Just wanted you to know you are doing an exceptional job and I am proud of the young man that you are. Stay strong and never loose faith. Congrats on this site you have!! Good luck and God bless you in all you do. I don’t normally comment anything to celebrities but I just wanted you to know you are an amazing young man and never give up no matter what life throws your way. Have a blessed and very Merry Christmas. Oh, and Happy New Year! 🙂

  179. Was YouTubing and came across your interview with jimmy fallon on the tonignt show back in November. So here I am casted my vote. Merry Xmas Kevin.

  180. Instead of “Macaulay Culkin” it should be “Culkin Macaulay”. Then your full name would be “Macaulay Culkin Macaulay Culkin” and you’d truly be living the dream.

  181. Love you, bro! I saw you in Columbus, Ohio when you toured with The Pizza Underground. You walked right past me as I was in line to buy a signed poster from your band and the other bands there. I wanted to talk to you so bad but was afraid of ruining my image of you if you were in a bad mood. You had your head down with sunglasses on at night in a dark building which told me you did not want to be fucked with. I have loved you ever since I saw Home Alone at the movie theater when I was a kid. I’m 36 now and still watch that movie every Christmas and will for the rest are of my life. It is the greatest Christmas movie of all time and wouldn’t be had it had some other kid playing Kevin McCalister. I also love you in Uncle Buck, The Good Son, My Girl, Ritchie Rich, and Saved. Thank you so much for your contributions to the entertainment industry! I love you, Merry Christmas!!! P.S. had I had a choice I would’ve chosen McCalister for your middle name.

  182. Im here because of your recent appearances on I didn’t care about the Kevin McAllister character, but it’s definitely relevant every Christmas season. The Macaulay that showed up in those short stories with James really made me like you for you now beyond those childhood years. You make everyone relate to you now and are so welcoming that you dont have to act. Keep it up Mac, and I’m very happy that you’re doing you. Obviously it worked for one person and now I’m a fan.

  183. Mr Culkin,
    Sorry I missed the voting process
    My kids and I are huge fans of your movies at least the the pg ones lol. Could we please have an auto graphed picture of you thanks the hartford’s

  184. I am so happy to see you on TV again. I hope you’re having a blast. I wanted to vote your middle name as Kevin but you’ve done that lol.
    Best of wishes.
    Your fan
    Rita aka Angel Light

    Ps. I renamed my Instagram because of a horrible car accident I was in Christmas Eve

  185. Merry Christmas!🌲🎅 Just watched your new Google commercial Home Alone remake and loved it!😜Anyways my middle name pick for you would be “Charming”
    McCullough Charming Caulken💝 sounds so sophisticated,yet unique like a 💎😍

  186. Got to say this year without fail here in the UK we have had both Home Alone movies on, still makes me laugh and now I am 42. You should look to branch out to the UK think you might be amazed at the popularity you still have over here.

  187. Please do a new Home Alone. You could be the father. Have one of your neices or nephews play the kid!

    I watch both Home Alone 1 and 2 every year. Love it. Thanks for being so entertaining!

  188. I know you’ve heard this a million times, but I watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2 every year. I love those two movies. I also love McCaulay Culkin. I think you were the cutest, most adorable child actor. You appeared to be a really smart child at that age. I love the facial expressions and adorable smiles you made. I can’t say enough wonderful things about you. I’m so happy that you are back in the spotlight. I just saw you on Jimmy Fallon You look exactly as you did as a child. I had researched you to find out where you were today, since the movies you made. I saw you when you were pretty thin and long hair. I think you look so much better with the short hair. What a handsome man you have become. I’ve also seen you in other movies you made as a child actor. You are a great actor!!!!! I wish you the best in 2019. God Bless you and your girlfriend.

  189. I think as a joke we should have spearheaded a movement to vote for “Karson” the “K” it makes all the difference, plus his friends could just call him “Special K”./

  190. Hey !! i just want to say i’m super happy today and it’s so nice to be here. i love this podcast and i don’t know why you don’t have a zillion fans …

  191. I hope you found your middle name. I’m late voting but I was going to say use Cole with a K. I think you’re wonderful just the way you are. Some people don’t have a middle names. I also like Wayne because it breaks up the K sound. But I just hope you’re happy 😊
    I didn’t get to vote in time because I was in a horrific car accident. I’m just happy I’m alive to write you and that no one was hurt except me. Lots of pain. Oh man! I’m going to be listening to your pod cast! I wish you all the best in life.

  192. You:Hi I’m Macaulay Macau,ay Culkin Culkin, of what may I be of assistance?
    Other a Person:*walks to an ear doctor*

  193. Don’t change your name to have your names twice
    – That’s just so stupid! It’s good as it is!
    If you just change it make it Buzz 🙂 lol

  194. Dang, wish I would’ve known about this. Nobody thought of BigMac? (hence the first 3 letters of his first name).
    Well I love ya anyway……….what was your name again? 😉

  195. I heard of your middle name change. The echo effect. You should have your name announced at dodger stadium for the echo. Create a ringtone

  196. Cool concept — kinda wish I’d gotten in on the voting while it was still relevant, lol. (“Hot Sauce” would’ve been awesome, but life’s too short to mourn missing out on celebrity re-naming.) (I could always just buy/name a goldfish Hot Sauce if I still care tomorrow.) Best o’ luck, Mack!

  197. Personally, I think Carson is a fine middle name. However, if you wanted to change it up my suggestion would be “Harvey”. In reference to the movie of course, because it would work so well with the whole “Bunny Ears” thing.

  198. Macaulay LUKE culkin that is my suggestion for your middle name ☺️☺️☺️ love you and home alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  200. Why not have Kevin as your new middle name? You are always going to be associated with Kevin McAllister, plus, my first name is Kevin and it sounds pretty awesome.

    Mack Kevin Culkin. Now that’s got a heck of a ring to it!

  201. So sad I missed the opportunity to help with your middle name vote. I would have suggested:
    Neveralone as a perfect option.
    Happy New Year

  202. (Hey-there,) Mack-(I have a hard time believing, you weren’t “given a middle name,” to begin with..,) but, hey man, it’s YOUR name, and, therefore, I believe, that YOU should do the “choosin’, shoun’t ya’?
    (Well, “whatev’s,) just “continue, to “have-FUN w/ it!”-(which is EXACTLY what it looks like you’re doin’.)

  203. hi, this is just a message Macaulay culkin. i dream of for you to see in real life! i hope it will succeed ever. but i do not know how i should go a name you choose. also know that i am the biggest fan of you because i talk every day about you i look vidio’s you every day and i would do anything for you to see in real life and many more things. i could never reache oy so i just joinet here as it’s ok? if i don’t see you on vidio’s should i really vienna but when i see you, i am really happy i even had dreams about you all omg that you still so small was really so cute no one can home alone play better than you i hope you have readi this message. greendins Mirthe Vandevelde

  204. I believe your middle name should be McConaughey…yes as in Mathew McConaughey. The reason being is it’s a bitch to spell, I had to copy and paste it in. That’s a lot of work on my 4 inch tablet. But your first name is also a bitch to spell. I had to search you under CULKIN. So…you’re name should be Macaley Mconaheyl Culkin. What you say?