Macaulay Culkin And The Red Letter Media Guys Talk Conspiracies

December 23, 2021 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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None of us quite understood just how terrible the Star Wars prequels were until an insane old man on YouTube named Harry S. Plinkett dissected the trilogy in a series of video reviews longer than the movies themselves. Today, Macaulay Culkin is joined in the Bunny Ears studio by the man behind Harry’s voice, Mike Stoklasa, along with his buddies Rich Evans and Jay Bauman. They run Red Letter Media, one of the best channels on YouTube.

Look. We get it. You don’t have time for another podcast. But if you miss out on this one, you won’t get to hear Mike discuss his love of ghost-hunting shows. Or listen in awe as everyone discusses Harry Houdini’s miserable pre-magic life, before seamlessly transitioning to compiling a master list of the Midwest’s most prolific murderers.

Things get sad when Rich talks about his deceased grandmother. But then he tells a story about how Mike used her death to make Rich look foolish. It’s still sad, but for different reasons. A monkey suit is involved.

If you stop listening there, fine. Whatever. That’s on you. But you’ll completely miss out on Rich explaining the origins of the legendary “Dick The Birthday Boy” picture. You’ve probably seen it somewhere online, even if you have no idea who these guys are. If you haven’t, here it is:

red letter media

Speaking of origin stories, have you ever wanted to know about Harry Plinkett himself?

Because that’s in this episode, too. And if that’s not your scene, maybe you’ll be captivated by Mack’s complete inability to discuss carpentry without making penis puns.

Also, haunted sandwiches! And listener voicemails! Just listen already! Geez! And don’t forget to check out Mike, Rich, and Jay over on their Red Letter Media YouTube channel.

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  1. Since this is not a page begging me to turn off adblock… i have to turn it off now… i kinda have to.

  2. What the world needs is a game show where members of the public open Dybbuk Boxes to win fabulous cash prizes, smartphones and long weekend holidays in Lisbon. You have one turn of the glass around the ouija board to decide whether to open the box.

  3. Physical ghosts are not real OKAY! The remnants of feelings and memories, the shadow of the person that once was is still burned into our feels. A ghost is like the shadow of a memory activating our senses when we are in fight or flight mode because we dont know WHAT THE F THAT NOISE IN THE BASEMENT IS! or something smells like grandma OMGGGGG

  4. Friends, Comrades… Let us all dip our balls (or the balls of a friend) into a hollow in the earth as a heartfelt toast to True Art and the Gravitas of Genuine Frauds. For without charlatans stubbornly following their singular visions, there would be no art.. But there might be less trashy schlock. You decide.

  5. Someone tell Mike that the popular image of aliens as “Greys” came from an episode of The Twilight Zone.

  6. It was Aldrin who “saw aliens” in space, except that the stories that claim he saw aliens take what he said completely out of context. He was describing strange objects that were ultimately identified as panels from the separation of their spacecraft from the upper stage, but these stories leave this ultimate identification conveniently out.

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