Spiritual Harassment: Are You A Victim?

February 2, 2020 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Thanks to the #MeToo movement and a slew of high-profile cases, sexual harassment in the workplace is more widely-discussed than ever. But did you know there are other kinds of harassment? Today, we here at Bunny Ears would like to talk to you about spiritual harassment. It’s time to put an end to this workplace scourge.

Spiritual harassment primarily occurs in three distinct ways: subtly belittling, interfering with, or outright harming your spiritual health and development. Now, let’s break down these three categories.

Subtle Belittlement

Just like a coworker might sexually harass you by making disparaging comments about your body, they can spiritually harass you by making disparaging comments about your soul. For instance, maybe you had a real breakthrough last night with your lucid dreaming journal, and the things you discovered about yourself shook you to your core. You now find yourself brimming with positive energy, and you feel the strong need to share it with those around you…but your coworkers simply dismiss your dreams as “boring,” or even, “deeply irrelevant to the topic at hand.”

They might insist they’re not personally targeting you, but now you know that this is a classic form of spiritual harassment. Be warned that your coworkers will likely resist when you call them out on this. They might defensively insist that they’re “just here to work,” and “honestly, you should probably try to focus more on your job.” The nerve. The absolute nerve.


We all have that office neat freak who’s constantly “tidying up” the communal work space and “cleaning out” the office kitchen. But when does this supposed neatness cross the line into spiritual harassment?

When they throw out your kombucha mother, that’s when.

Do you have any idea how long it took me to grow that? I ordered the live cultures from China. We’re talking “international shipping” lengths of time.

But does that coworker care? No, they don’t. They “thought it was something spoiled” and that it was “making people nauseous.” They didn’t give it a second thought. It’s this kind of gross negligence that’s guaranteed to result in a hostile work environment. Not to mention they “rearranged those pretty rocks,” too. Those “pretty rocks” were healing crystals arranged precisely in accordance with the stars’ current positions in the sky. If I get cancer now, I’m suing. I’m suing them all.

Outright Harm

In the most extreme cases, spiritual harassment can take the form of actual spiritual assault. Think of it as groping your mind-butt. This usually occurs in the form of confronting you with realities you’d prefer not to think about for your own spiritual well-being. For example, they might bring up unpleasant current events, scientific studies that debunk the benefits of kombucha and healing crystals, or that episode of Fullmetal Alchemist with the talking chimera, Shawn. It’s just a fucking meme to you, isn’t it? You know damn well what that episode did to me, and yet you still think it’s “funny” to whisper “Edward, why does it hurt here?” and put a wig on the office dog. It’s not funny, Shawn.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you may need to have a good, long talk with your HR representative. Because you’re officially the victim of workplace spiritual harassment, and Shawn needs to face the consequences.

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  1. I love what I’ve seen of this site and fyi, I learned of it from your handling of the John Cheese fiasco with Talia Jane from her shoutout. I liked MR and LOVED cracked but unfortunately I can’t rightly look at at least MR anymore and while cracked and Jason Pargin has handled it well, Cheese (Mack Leighty) was just too involved there for too long.

    I’m sure I’ll wake up tomorrow and check both sites first thing, as usual. Then I’ll be here.

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