Style Alert! Puffy Sleeves Full Of Snacks

March 1, 2022 by , featured in Fashion
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The style gods have blessed us with a hot new trend literally everyone can get on board with: puffy sleeves! Why are we so obsessed with puffy sleeves, you ask? Because you can fill them all the way up with beef jerky and no one can say shit about it. Why else would you need so much extra sleeve? Hard candies, circus peanuts, regular peanuts just loose and rattling around—those sleeves can contain it all.

Women used to be constrained by our tiny, inadequate pockets, which could not hold nearly the amount of dried beef we required to become big and strong. Now, with the freedom of puffy sleeves, the world is our oyster. Also, oysters are our oyster, because you can fit 20-30 in a puffy-enough sleeve.

Are Puffy Sleeves Filled with Snacks Too Good?

Please be aware that your newfound ability to smuggle snacks anywhere may go to your head. A certain writer on our site may have tried to smuggle a fully-dressed Thanksgiving turkey into a showing of Toy Story 4. Take it from me, you will get kicked out of Toy Story 4 and you’ll never know if the toys manage to take over the world or not. Also, your shoulder might get burned from trying to put a full turkey straight from the oven into your very puffy sleeve.

And how puffy can your sleeves be, you ask? Honestly, the puffier the better (plus, they make a great substitute for Tupperware if ever in a bind).

A Brief History of Puffy Sleeves

Of course, this isn’t the first time puffy sleeves have been in vogue. William Shakespeare’s sleeves were famously puffy and extremely full of biscuits!

Thus, while we certainly aren’t the first to wear puffy sleeves full of snacks, we did have the good sense to pretend like they look good again, so now when security checks our purses at concerts we won’t have to pay $15 for a soda. We’ve currently got a whole camel pack full of Coca-Cola up our left arm, and we’re proud of it. Thanks, puffy sleeves!

Image: Brooks Brothers/, Pixabay

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