Teaching Your Kids That Goofy Loves To Fuck

November 20, 2021 by , featured in Lifestyle
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Talking about the birds and the bees with your kids can feel like an ordeal—but it doesn’t have to. Sex education can be both simple and fun with the proper tools. Which is why we’re going to teach you ways to incorporate Goofy into “The Talk” with your little ones. The beloved Disney character is a solid role model and upstanding member of his community who also happens to love a good old-fashioned trip to pound town.

Goofy Loves His Family—and Anal!

Who doesn’t love the profound bond between Goofy and his son, Max? He loves and supports his child, like any good dad should. And like a perfectly normal father, sometimes Goofy loves to fuck another consenting adult. Which is why Mr. and Mrs. Goof enjoy a healthy romp in the sheets at least once a week. And yes, sometimes it happens in the butt. There is nothing wrong with that, and your kids will learn to accept this.

He Enjoys Fishing and Also Performing Oral Sex on His Wife

There is nothing Goofy loves more than spending a whole afternoon fishing at his favorite local pond. He rises early in the morning, puts on his baggy blue pants and orange sweater, and casts one out in hopes of a bite. After a long and tiring day, he loves to come back home, cuddle with his wife, then proceed to eat her out like a casserole. This is natural. There’s nothing wrong with what Goofy does with his wife in private.

Goofy Takes Family Road-Trips, and Can Find the Clitoris Better Than Any Map

The Goofs take a big road-trip every single year, which strengthens their bond as a family. Goofy is also an excellent navigator and can find just about anything without getting lost, including Mrs. Goof’s clitoris. Mrs. Goof has dated men in the past who never found her clitoris even once, and has also been with guys who never even really tried. So, Mrs. Goof appreciates this about Goofy.

And When Mrs. Goof Is Gone, He Doesn’t Mind Rubbing One Out

Alone time is both necessary and normal, even for two people in a committed and healthy relationship. When Mrs. Goof is out, Goofy may enjoy reading the local newspaper or catching up on his favorite television programs. And when he gets the urge to self-pleasure, Goofy whips out his hearty dog dick and masturbates to his favorite lingerie catalog. Since Goofy loves to fuck, he also understands that there is no shame in masturbation, and he wants you to understand that, too.

Goofy Takes Pleasure in a Great Hyuck-ing, and a Good Old Fashioned Fyuck-ing

Goofy is a friendly, compassionate guy who loves making other people feel good. Whether it be hyuck-ing loud and proud at a family get-together or picnic, or fyucking hard, fast, rough, and wet in the bedroom, Goofy’s here to have a good, fun time. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

So whether you and your children are enjoying Goofy in his wonderful movies and television shows, or explaining the magical world of coitus through his splendid, wholesome sex life, you can be sure that Goofy will touch your lives in an unforgettable way.

Images: Pexels/Disney

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