The Rock Just Revealed That His Belly Button Gets Infected VERY Easily

February 10, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an unparalleled success story, having made the transition from wrestling superstar to Hollywood leading man. But it hasn’t all been easy for the multi-time WWE Champion. In a telling sit-down interview, The Rock revealed that his belly button gets infected very easily.

“If I wake up and it stings down there around my stomach, I know my belly button’s infected again,” The Rock said. Describing the problem as a sudden “redness and puffiness, with a little bit of pus on bad days,” it was evident that this issue has been affecting The Rock for years.

“I itch it, it gets worse. I leave it alone, it gets worse. I’ve tried every kind of cream I can find. And still, there’s really nothing I can do. No matter how many championships I’ve won, no matter how much money my movies make at the box office, my belly button will always get infected.”

These belly button issues were a big reason The Rock decided to walk away from wrestling—a sport generally done shirtless—in the first place. “I remember The Undertaker pulled me aside after a house show in St. Louis and said, ‘Boy, you gotta get that belly button under control. It’s so infected, it’s distracting the fans.’ I was mad, of course—it’s not like I wanted my belly button infected—but I understood where he was coming from.”

When The Rock returned to the WWE for a series of matches at WrestleMania against John Cena, he had to plan accordingly.

“We couldn’t risk having my belly button infected at WrestleMania, so we purposely infected it a few days before. The hope was that it would heal by the day of the show. That’s why I put a little raw meat cube in my belly button and sealed it shut with a band-aide. That infection was a bad one, but I’m proud to say that my belly button was clear on the day of the show.”

Thankfully, the issue hasn’t affected The Rock’s Hollywood career. “Whenever we make a movie with The Rock,” one producer told us, “we make sure there’s a line in the script that explains the belly button thing in case we film on a day that it’s acting up.” It’s why Jack Black’s character in Jumanji says, ‘I know we’re both video game avatars, but we can still get sick. That’s why your belly button so often looks like it does.'”

And while he’s learned to live with the issue, The Rock remains hopeful about the future. “We’ve seen incredible advancements in the belly button arena,” he said. “I hope I can have my belly button filled in, like a pothole in the road, in the not-so-distant future.”

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