We Can’t Get Over This Tiny House’s Adorable Tiny Eviction Notice

August 2, 2022 by , featured in Food and Recipes
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The idea that tiny houses are more affordable is a common misconception. If you put your mind to it, there’s no reason you can’t live beyond your means in less than 200 square feet of space. Beth and Mike Swendell found that out the hard way when they were recently evicted from a handcrafted, Nordic-accented tiny house designed by mononymous Swedish architect Umlaut. The only thing about it that’s not itsy-bitsy is the rent, and the Swendells’ income in freelance dog acupuncture has been no match.

After receiving the notice, the Swendells endured a positively Lilliputian afternoon in small small claims court, presided over by a literal fairy — or, as they prefer to be called, Fae-American — in adorable little robes. What wasn’t small was the judge’s backing by the full authority of the American legal system. In a proceeding lasting under 20 minutes, the Swendells’ landlord presented nigh-illegibly small documentation demonstrating that the Swendells hadn’t paid rent in over two months. Awww!

Because of the size of the Swendells’ home, the court gave them 50% less time than usual to vacate the minuscule premises. After failing to meet this twee deadline, the Swendells were escorted from their tiny house by a very large sheriff.

The moral of the Swendells’ sad tale is to make sure you’ve considered the big risks of a tiny home, as well as the big rewards, before you duck in. Tiny houses may not be cheap, but they can help you live with intention, whether that intention is mindful wellness or to not pay the rent to which your landlord is legally entitled. Additionally, a tiny home can help you reduce your environmental footprint. For instance, the endearing eviction notice on the door of the Swendells’ home used approximately 50% of the paper of a standard eviction notice. Squee!

Meanwhile, the Swendells have taken a philosophical approach to their tiny ordeal. “This move has been very stressful on us and our teacup poodle, Bitsy,” Beth Swendell told us. “Fortunately, working with her gives us the opportunity to keep up our dog acupuncture skills.” At press time, a friend of the Swendells had suggested that they rent an affordable mobile home while they get back up on their feet. “Oh god, we would never,” said Mike Swendell. “Mobile homes are so tacky.”

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