We Put A Naked Lady Doing Yoga On This Article So You Will Click

May 4, 2019 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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We also understand that there are two things our readers love most in the world: yoga and nudity. Even if you’re not the yoga type, you’re definitely into that last one, so we knew you would click this link.

When we took this photo, we thought about including content on why nudity is healthy or how doing yoga in the buff can be beneficial for you and fun for your neighbors to watch. We even considered including a cookie recipe for your neighbors, a little something extra for those who lived within telescope distance of you.

But then we realized that it didn’t really matter what we included with the photo because you would click anyway. We do not have a suggestion for what yoga style or even specific poses are best done in the nude, so feel free to improvise if you plan on doing it later. Downward dog sounds the easiest, but the potential for sunburn is high, so please lather up accordingly. If you clicked the link with no desire to participate in yoga later this weekend, fully clothed or otherwise, we are sorry we did not include additional photos. Let’s be honest: We got your click, and that’s all we care about.

Editor’s Note: It turns out we can’t earn ad revenue on articles with sexual content, so fuck us, I guess.

Image: Unsplash

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