Help Us Honor These Male Feminists During Women’s History Month

March 15, 2019 by , featured in Health
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This Women’s History Month, we thought we’d take a look at some of the unsung heroes who have paved the way for gender equality—men. Without these male feminists, there would be nobody to explain the importance of women’s rights to female feminists. I hope my daughter grows up knowing someone who acts like these fierce men. Their voices are strong, but not silent. And so, we celebrate them.

Let’s take a look at some of the most influential and empowering male feminists.

Male Feminists

Tyler Patricks

After spending four years reading think pieces, Patricks has become a voice that speaks for women. If you think you’re supporting another woman by agreeing with her idea in a meeting, you’d be wrong—and Patricks will be the first to let you know. “So many women don’t know how to support each other correctly,” says Patricks. “Thank god I’m here to interrupt them before they embarrass themselves.”

Male Feminists

Blake Roberts

It takes a brave man to go to the Women’s March once. It takes a hero-man to go twice. That’s exactly what we would call Roberts, who, for two years in a row, held the same sign at the Women’s March in Chicago. We asked him why, year after year (except for this year because he overslept), Roberts heroically blends in with a crowd of people who all believe the same thing. “What? Sorry. I wasn’t paying attention to you,” he replied. “I was looking at my phone.”

Male Feminists

Aaron Erickson

Toxic masculinity doesn’t fight itself. It fights Erickson. “I want to kick the ass of anyone who displays toxic masculinity. Seriously, I’ll beat the shit out of them,” says Erickson after his improv class. “If anyone even mentions the word ‘football’ I want to punch that person in their fucking face.” We were going to ask Erickson how he felt about the Gillette commercial, but he put his fist through the wall as soon as we said “razor co–.”

Noah Jacobson

When the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, Jacobson was the first to Tweet that he was offended by Weinstein’s actions. Jacobson, a man himself, also posted, “Men are scum” on Facebook. Where would gender equality be if Jacobson didn’t have the strength to write social media posts and that one Medium article? We’d probably lose the right to vote, that’s where!

Male Feminists

Dylan Nathans

Nathans firmly identifies as male, but that doesn’t stop him from proudly wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the word “#Feminist” across it. “Fashion is about making a statement, and making a statement is beyond gender,” said Nathans when we interviewed him. “And…oh, sorry. I just realized we’re wearing the same “feminist” shirt. Do you mind taking yours off? It’s just…you can’t wear the same thing as someone in the same place. So you need to change.”

Jeff Williams

Williams smashes the patriarchy by letting women know they should feel comfortable with discussing graphic sexual acts with him. “It’s sad that the patriarchal society we live in makes it so women have to feel uncomfortable every time I randomly bring up hardcore porn,” says Williams. “They all nervously giggle, then politely try to get away from me. It’s sad their internalized misogyny makes them feel weird when I vividly describe oral sex.” Nevertheless, he persisted!

Because of these male feminists, we’ve come a long way, Baby. Sorry. Tyler Patricks just reminded us we shouldn’t use the word “baby.” Sorry. Sorry sorry. Sorry.

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