The Worst Places To Challenge For The 24/7 Title

February 6, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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R-Truth and Drake Maverick have taken the wrestling world by storm with their outlandish antics and hilarious rivalry over the WWE 24/7 Title. Whether it’s a golf course, an airport tarmac, or Maverick’s newlywed night, wrestling fans all over the world have marveled at the innovation shown by both superstars. However, there’s such a thing as being too innovative, and attempting to win the 24/7 Title in these places could get you more than the championship you were challenging for—and not in a good way.

1. The TSA Security Line

The 24/7 Title

This is just such a bad idea on so many levels. Sure, it’s probably where you’re most likely to run into whoever’s carrying the title, but people get super nervous and super jumpy at the airport, and a lot of those people are carrying guns. Just ask Terri Runnels.

2. Seaworld

The 24/7 Title

Any time you bring a live animal into the equation, you’re just begging for trouble—just ask Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Additionally, you don’t have much time to make your splash at Seaworld since they’re closing down live shows this year. If you do challenge here, just make sure your opponent can swim.

3. Someone Else’s Big WrestleMania Moment

We’ve all seen them. The sobbing, title-clutching, burst of emotions post a big Wrestlemania Win. On top of this just being like, super rude, the audience has been there for like eight hours and they’re exhausted. This is like running up to the altar during, “You may now kiss the bride” and demanding everyone participate in your own spontaneous nuptials.

4. A Children’s Ball Pit

The 24/7 Title

There’s so many grubby kid-butt-soup particles in these things y’all should be wearing hazmat suits. Also, how can you tell if shoulders are down under two feet of E. coli-covered plastic balls anyway? Make sure there’s an EMT on hand for some heppy vaccinations post-match.

5. The Last Blockbuster

The 24/7 Title

Is there anything more ’90s than renting a blocky VHS and buying a pop-in-bucket popcorn? With the resurrection of the Monday Night Wars, wrestling is about to get all ’90s up in this B, and what better place to start than the last ’90s icon in the United States? Well, lots of better places, actually. Don’t do this.

6. Vince McMahon’s Personal Bathroom

I mean, at least this one is less likely to give you a staph infection/hepatitis than the ball pit, but there’s a LOT of shiny marble just begging to add to your eventual CTE. Watch out for those gold-plated fixtures too. Blood doesn’t exist in the PG era.

7. John Cena’s Never-Ending Merch Warehouse

Arm bands and foam fingers and colorful shirts, oh my! You won’t be able to see most of the hazards in this warehouse—and that’s just the way John Cena likes it. Your best bet is to turn off the lights to put both of you on even ground.

8. WCW Nitro Grill

Ok the ACTUAL location of the Nitro Grill is probably in one of Gordon Ramsay’s million restaurants right now, but Eric Bischoff rebuilt a full-scale Nitro Grill at an undisclosed location somewhere in the depths of Montana. Challenge for the 24/7 Title here at your own risk, there’s some …. really weird stuff in there.

9. A Competing Promotion’s Pay-Per-View

Now this is just a good way to get your for real ass for real kicked and probably arrested. Maybe fired? It would be FANTASTIC TV, but probably not worth it. Plus, have you heard how hard it is to get tickets to these events?

10. The International Space Station

First of all, how in the hell did you get yourself and your opponent up there? Is Vince in tight with Elon? Secondly, wrestling is going to be really hard in limited gravity, so good luck there. You might want to keep an eye on your surroundings, or you’ll be facing a hefty repair bill when you get back to Earth/a legal jurisdiction.

Images: David R Tribble/Wiki Commons, NASA/Wiki Commons, Rachmaninoff /WikiCommons, Home Alone Fox, Blockbuster Coasterlover1994, U.S. Department of Homeland Security/TSA, AEWPXHere, WCW/WWE 

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