Valentine’s Day Trips To Make You Realize You Never Loved Each Other

July 28, 2020 by , featured in Travel Guides
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As Valentines Day approaches this is the perfect time to plan a trip with your special someone so that you can fall deeper in love… or realize it was all a lie. We at Bunny Ears have some recommendations for weekend trips that will make this Valentines Day unforgettable. Even if it means you’ll never forget how bad it was.

valentine's day trips

A Cabin In The Great Outdoors

There is nothing like renting a cabin for Valentines Weekend! Cozying up next to the fire with the one you love and snuggling under the stars.  Plus, the wilderness is a wonderful place to test your relationship. It shuts out all the excess noise that keeps you from focusing on each other. Either you’ll realize you’re perfect for each other or you fucking hate your boyfriend who can’t even chop wood. Maybe you should get more wood for the fire. I mean, can’t your partner see the fire is about to go out? Of course they can! They just expect you to go out and fix it. Let this little oasis in the woods help you realize whether this is the person you would want to be alone with forever…or leave immediately.

valentine's day trips

A Trip To A Tropical Beach

Take a trip to tropical beach and enjoy a tiki drink as you sunbathe together! As you relax you will either realize this partner is ‘the one’ or that in a swimsuit, you just aren’t attracted to them. Sure their body is nice, but it’s more than that. As they stand in the sparkling sand you will realize how lucky you are or … like, what are you doing? You’re in a heavenly place and this person makes you feel so “blah”!  As you drink more tiki drinks you’ll giggle together or eventually spew that you are bored in this relationship.

valentine's day trips

A Road Trip

Spend real quality time with your special someone as you hop from sight to sight.  Stay in cute little bed and breakfasts and motels with just them. It’ll make you realize that they are the person you can’t be without or OH MY GOD WHY DO THEY CHEW LIKE THAT?! WHO HUMS AND CHEWS?! And as you hop from sight to sight no matter how interesting or historical you can’t stop being SO ANNOYED by the person constantly inches from you, chewing gum now. Seriously?! WHAT THE… no it’s fine.  The open road will either let you sing along to some favorite songs or have absolutely nowhere to go when you two argue because YOU SAID TAKE THE NEXT LEFT AND THEY DIDN’T— UGH!

valentine's day trips

To Another Country

Seeing the world together can really open your eyes to the world! Or to how much is really missing from this relationship. It’s so easy to Netflix and chill… but the world is so much bigger than that. Your partner doesn’t really know you, because you barely know you.  Seeing the world has opened your eyes to that.  They are nice, sure… but nice doesn’t equal compatible. You can easily coexist with anyone. You want to date someone you really connect with. And right now you gotta connect with one person you have been avoiding this whole time while you Netflix and chill… yourself.

ANYWAY, good luck this Valentines Day!  This is the time to really test that relationship. Remember, more than half of all marriages end in divorce so a measly relationship barely stands a chance. This is a great time to see if yours does.

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