What Your Favorite Color Says About The Day You’ll Die

September 7, 2021 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Combining emotionally scientific fields to create new and marketable data is something we truly believe in at Bunny Ears. Whether it’s veganism and macrophysics, or the science of wellness and aromatherapy, we always have a team hard at work on combinations that help bring you peace and greater understanding, and help bring us profits.

This week, we’ve asked a world-wide-web-renowned team of color scientists and psychics to explore what your favorite color says about your death.



Red is the color of passion and vibrancy. The shade is connected to our sexual and physical energies, and is the favorite color of some of the world’s most creative individuals. When it comes to your death, our psychic is seeing a large, dark structure—like a bar—and you foolishly ignoring warnings to head home for the night. But you want to live out loud! And ironically, you’re going to die out loud. Alone, in the woods next to that bar, screaming for someone, anyone, to help.



Honesty, open-mindedness, and serenity are key to blue-lovers, and above all you seek to lead a life of quiet and meaningful work. When anyone needs help, you offer a hand, which is why you will also die in the woods behind that bar, while you’re out looking for that missing friend of yours.



The power of nature and the rejuvenation of spirit are key characteristics of greens. You believe in universal truths, and share a deep emotional connection with you natural surroundings. You will be beaten to death near that bar with the shinbones of the last victim.



Okay, purple lovers. This one’s a doozy. You love being the center of attention and also have a giving heart and all that stuff, but apparently you’re going to die right in the middle of telling the only cop in this one-horse town that you think you saw the face of the man who’s been killing all your friends (the cop will die, too).



You’re bright and sunny and we were really rooting for you here. But we all knew you never really had a chance in this one.


Grey is the favorite of those who appreciate the subtleties in life, are keen observers, and attempt to manifest their own will in a chaotic world. Grey-lovers also like to fly under the radar and are easy to underestimate.

That’s why you’re the only one who can stop this son-of-a-bitch. Use your inner strength and resolve to do what must be done—and what no one else is left to do.

You’ll die an old woman in your bed.

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