How to Raise Your Boys to Be Feminists Who Also Rock at Magic

December 17, 2021 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Toxic masculinity is a learned behavior, the product of a society that fails our young men and endangers women. There’s also not nearly enough magic specials on television anymore, and that’s a bummer, too. Luckily, both of these problems can be handled if we take the time to teach our boys what it means to be a feminist who also rocks at magic. The future is ours to change! Here are a few helpful lessons you can (and should) pass onto the next generation of men.

It’s Okay To Cry, And Also, Remember These Basic Coin Palms

Too often, crying is seen as a sign of weakness in men, its repression often emerging in the form of frustration or even violence. It’s important to teach your little boy that it’s perfectly okay to be sad and express that sadness. There are also three basic coin-palming techniques your child needs to learn early if they ever wish to master them, which are the classic palm, the thumb palm, and the finger palm. From this foundation of accepting emotion and training your hands to conceal multiple coins of various sizes, your child can grow up to be a much more emotionally mature adult who has mastered the art of the muscle coin pass.

You Can Be Strong AND Sensitive AND Have A Great Patter Routine

The next thing to teach your child is that being sensitive does not make you weak, no matter what the other kids might say. Remind them that true strength comes from resisting peer pressure as well as the ability to perform sleight of hand while maintaining a believable patter routine. Some things to remember here: Misdirection is the key to a good trick, so you need to look and speak toward the thing you want your spectator to look toward. Empathy is something we develop later in adolescence, so we need to feed our empathy to make it grow healthy and strong. Finally, don’t be too rigid with your patter in case something goes wrong with the trick.

Teach Them Consent And Also How To Perform The “French Drop” As Early As Possible

Asking for and understanding consent is a fundamental lesson that must be learned at an early age. It’s just as important as the ability to pass a coin from one hand to the other while secretly palming it. This is as basic as it gets, folks. You start with an explanation of consent and performing the French drop and you don’t stop until it is ingrained into their very being. We simply can’t stress this enough: No feminillusionist can grow without a soil rich with these two elements. You can’t be a champion diver without learning to swim, and you can’t be a well-balanced feminist male who does rocks at magic without knowing consent and the French drop.

rocks at magic

Girls Can Like The Same Things As Boys, Such As Practicing The Double-Lift Card Sleight

It’s easy for boys and girls to isolate themselves from each other at an early age, creating a false narrative that they do not like the same things. Boys are told not to play with dolls while girls are discouraged from sports. This cycle needs to stop, and you can stop it while also teaching your child the double-lift card sleight, a method that can be found in many card tricks. Card flourishes, in general, are pretty important, even for an aspiring stage magician. Being able to rock at magic is a matter of pride and status that both boys and girls can enjoy. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Celebrate Your Differences And Learn To Dislocate Your Shoulder To Escape A Straitjacket

We shouldn’t shun our differences but celebrate them. We should also celebrate attempts to escape a straitjacket without using a fake reproduction or audience plants. The best escape tricks are the ones you can perform with little preparation or rigging, making the routine authentic and memorable, so let’s do it. Let’s make the future a little brighter and put our boys on the right track to a life of empathy, feminism, and maybe even a Las Vegas residency.

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