Mack, Matt, And Stew Talk ’90s Fads And Nick At Nite Shows

July 3, 2019 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast, Podcasts
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WARREN! It’s Part 2 of Macaulay Culkin’s two-part podcast with guests Matt Cohen and Stewart P. Miller, and the guys talk ’90s throwbacks, baby! If you missed Part 1, listen to it here. If you don’t, you’re dead to us. We’re kidding. But your name will go up on our Board of Shame. And you’ll probably make Matt cry. Don’t make Matt cry, you guys. He just wants to be happy, like in the ’90s.

In today’s podcast, Mack and the boys reminisce about their favorite ‘90s fads, from flannel shirts to rollerblades. Did you know Mack rollerbladed in, like, four movies? And that he literally skipped school to go to his rollerblading lessons? Hard is the life of a child actor! Matt talks about that time his Shaquille O’Neal sneakers exploded in his closet, and Stew fondly recalls how he and Mack used to put Mack’s 3DO console on music mode and trip out to Riders On The Storm. Man, the ‘90s were gnarly.

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The guys then do a lightning round of all the rerun shows they watched in the ‘90s, with a lot of Nick At Nite shows making the list. Matt argues that The Munsters were better than The Adams Family (what you YOU think?), and Stew gets bashed for liking Scooby Doo. Poor Stew.

Make sure to follow Stew on Twitter and Instagram. You can find Matt here and here (you can also subscribe to his podcast and check out his stuff on YouTube). Your main man Mack is on Twitter and Instagram, and he also wants you to leave him a voicemail at (845) 393-4629 (EZE-HOAX). He loves voicemails. So weird.

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