Where Are They Now? The Relationships Of ‘Clueless’

May 30, 2022 by , featured in Pop Culture
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The final scene of the classic ’90s teen comedy Clueless, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, finds the movie’s three happy teenage couples — well, two happy teenage couples and one adult man in a relationship with his minor family member — attending the wedding of two of their teachers. (Again, very much not the teachers of one of them.) But just what happened to the relationships of Clueless after Cher caught the bouquet and the swells of General Public took us to the credits? We tracked them down, and the results of these Clueless relationships probably won’t surprise you!

Dionne And Murray

As expected from members of their economic class, Dionne and Murray soon shed their hip, youthful fashions and got serious. They were married in an expensive and only slightly gaudy ceremony during their junior year at an exclusive university, he going into business and she staying home to pop out babies, serve on the boards of several charitable organizations, and occasionally appear on Fox News. The tumultuous marriage lasted only a few years after they realized that their pattern of fighting and fucking wasn’t becoming of upper-class adults and that was really all they had, resulting in an acrimonious divorce and custody dispute that continues to this day.

Cher And Josh


She might have caught the bouquet, but wedded bliss was incredibly not in the cards for these statutory ex-step-siblings. He left her after a year for a succession of younger teenagers, barely talking and buying his way off the sex offender registry. The incident inspired him to set aside environmental law and focus on criminal defense, but he was disbarred shortly after a mysterious incident that’s been heavily redacted in all of the paperwork. She founded a lifestyle website and gives weird parenting advice.

Tai And Travis

She went to college, and while Travis tried his best to support her, he couldn’t let go of the nagging feeling that sick skateboarding tricks were no longer enough to impress her, which was true. After they parted ways, he opened a vape shop, while she met a nice, ambitious man in her graphic design course and is super alive and happy.

Miss Geist And Mr. Hall

clueless relationships

They’re enjoying an adventurous retirement following many happy years as two people who came together as fully formed adults, albeit by the machinations of a meddling teenager. They have a dog named Capote. It’s really cute.

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