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November 12, 2021 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Everyone knows that men aren’t funny, and nobody knows that better than us here at Bunny Ears. For every male writer we have to verbally and occasionally physically pummel into shape, we thank Horse Jesus that we have such a talented and hilarious stable of women. Click on these names for some of our favorite articles by the women that make dealing with men barely worth it.

Alexis Novak

Alexis was kind enough to take a break from being perfect on social media to teach us all how to be as authentically perfect as she is.

Allison Mick

Allison’s ruminations on existence and minimalism had us asking the hard questions about ourselves, like “Am I even here?” and “Can you see me right now?”

Amanda Mannen

Those first two women are so good that I’m not even mad that you had to wait this long to get to me, but I do apologize nevertheless, and if you feel the urge to accept my apology with the gift of a poster of Ronald Reagan riding a dinosaur, I promise it will make a man really mad.

Anabel And Genevieve Kane

This dynamic duo endured a whole week of eating nothing but Kid’s Cuisine, and they still haven’t relearned how to talk yet. Now that’s #brave.

Annalise Dekker-Hernandez

Annalise’s informative guide to arts and crafts therapy was one of our flagship articles, and we’re still trying to embroider the pain away.

Anya Volz

Sexual health is an important women’s issue, and thanks to Anya, we have all the information about it we could possibly need.

Archie Grimm

It’s important not to forget women of color—chiefly, how to not embarrass yourself in front of them.

Carmen Angelica

In this day and age, loving yourself is a radical feminist act. Unfortunately, those cops disagreed.

Amanda Mannen

Which reminds me, I also wrote the definitive guide on avoiding the fuzz when you love yourself a little too much, so you’re going to want to give that one a read, too.

Courtney Paige Barnett

For too long, women’s interpersonal difficulties have been dismissed as “daddy issues,” and Courtney is not standing for it.

Carolyn Burke

Women can be anything they want to be, and Carolyn knows exactly what.

Akil Hardy

Dyana Goldman

Men are only good for one thing, and it’s not that. It’s definitely not that.

Amanda Mannen

But remember, it’s your fault if you can’t have vaginal orgasms. God, I’m so good.

Elizabeth Teets

Women gotta stick together, and that includes letting your husband’s mistress use your skincare products.

Ella Gale

Please, Ruthie. Please.

Emily Leighty

It’s hard for a woman to make it on her own, but the answer—according to Emily—is a lot of emojis and candles.

Hana Michels

Emily notes that Hana’s guide to biting your own toenails was the “first article that made me gag,” showing that women can do anything men can do, including being disgusting.

Amanda Mannen

That makes me nostalgic for the first article that made me gag. I threw up three times while writing the “stuffed foreskin” section. Ah, memories.

Jessica Ellis

Emily notes that Jessica’s guide to knitting a scarf that you will never finish was the “first article that felt like a direct attack,” and that’s what feminism is all about: attacking other women.

Katie Goldin

Everything Katie does is a treasure, but her adorably terrifying animal comics are truly the gift that keeps giving you nightmares.

Kathy Benjamin

Her wedding day is one of the best days of a woman’s life, and Kathy is here to make sure it’s severely uncomfortable for everyone else.

Kelly Wallace-Barnhill

Our collection of women is endlessly diverse, as Kelly’s Passover advice proves.

Lydia Bugg

We have a saying around here: WILSG? (“Why Is Lydia So Good?”) We still don’t know, and at this point, we’re afraid to keep asking.

Madeleine Koestner

You know what they say: Women be shopping.

Natasha King

Let our social media guru take you on a terrifying food journey.

Rani Baker

Rani reminds us that women should be seen and heard, at eardrum-shattering decibels.

Rosa Pasquarella

Balancing motherhood and the rest of your life is hard, but Rosa has the answer.

Sammi Skolmoski

Not every woman wants to be a bride, thank you. Some of us want to be stationary decoration.

always the bridesmaid

Saundra Sorenson

Women are often shamed for our superior range of emotions. Go on. Let it out.

Toria Sheffield

My fellow editor, Toria, knows that no man is worth giving up your soul.

Vanessa Gritton

We were lost before Vanessa taught us what all of our maids were saying about us.

Zanandi Botes

Being a hated politician is barely fun, and Zanandi guided us through the trickiest part: eating at five-star restaurants.

Amanda Mannen

Look at me. LOOK AT ME.

Heidi Lux

Something about adoption. I don’t know, I’m too busy thinking about Bones.

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