Make Your Relationship As Good As The One I Have With This BBQ Pulled Pork Macaroni And Cheese

September 2, 2021 by , featured in Food and Recipes
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Relationships can be tough, but when you find your perfect other half, you’ll be amazed by how easy things can be. I personally feel so lucky to be in a relationship that’s so intuitive and carefree. I am, of course, talking about my relationship with this barbecue pulled pork macaroni and cheese. It’s a simple recipe: Just follow and then add pulled pork and barbecue sauce. And that’s just what our relationship is: simple. Uncomplicated.

If you find that your relationship with your partner seems trickier than it should be, here are some things I’ve learned from my relationship with barbecue pulled pork macaroni and cheese that might help.

Be Considerate Of Their Needs, But Keep Your Own In Mind

In any relationship, it’s important to balance your own needs with the needs of others. Sometimes, my barbecue pulled pork macaroni and cheese needs only a drizzle of barbecue sauce; other times, it needs a healthy squirt. Just make sure you’re paying attention to the signals you’re getting, and if you’re unsure, a big bite will tell you right away.


mac and cheese

Of course, it’s just as important to pay attention to your own needs. Regardless of what my barbecue pulled pork macaroni and cheese might need, I need to eat my barbecue pulled pork macaroni and cheese. Always take care of number one.

Keep Things Fresh

For a healthy, long-term relationship that’s also sustainable, you’ve gotta mix it up! Sometimes, instead of roasting and pulling my own pork, I get wild and buy the prepackaged pulled pork from the deli. I’ve even been known to use a Kraft Dinner base. It’s crucial that you work past any societal shame you might feel and know that doing this does not make you cheap—it just means you care enough about your relationship to get a little dirty now and then.

Never Take Them For Granted

I’ll never forget the day I walked into the grocery store after a long day, counting on my barbecue pulled pork macaroni and cheese to pick me up, only to find that they were out of medium shells. I had to get the large shells, and the cheese-to-shell ratio was just all wrong. It’s nice to think those we love will always be there for us, but that can lead to complacence. Don’t wait until they’re gone to fully appreciate them. Savor every bite as if it were your last.

Give Each Other Space

I have barbecue pulled pork macaroni and cheese at least twice a week, but for a week or two recently, I was eating it every night. It was great right up until it wasn’t. That kind of passion might feel amazing in the moment, but it can ultimately lead to burnout, and before you know it you’re sick and fucking tired of barbecue pulled pork macaroni and cheese. I decided to take a break, and I’m so glad I did, because when we were finally reunited it felt like the first time. Taking that week off was the best thing I ever did for my relationship with barbecue pulled pork macaroni and cheese. I really feel like we’re closer than ever.

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